Grinnell church of Christ
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Other websites we recommend
links to the Simple Bible Studies website links to a website that asks "What is the meaning and purpose of Baptism?"
links to Executable Outlines, sermon outlines for download and has a link to Chart Sermons by Steve Hudgins.  links to Church of Christ radio on the internet. Accapella singing is available along with the preaching of the truth. links to Clay Gentry's website. Good resource for bulletin articles, etc.
links to a 25 lesson interactive bible study course titled " Are you sure of your eternal salvation?"
links to a 24 lesson interactive bible study course titled "Are You Worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth?"
links to an 11 lesson study titled "How to Do Personal Evangelism."
links to "Biblical Church Bulletin Articles." This has a number of short articles suitable for inclusion in church bulletins or as tracts.
is a link to a website with a listing of non-institutional churches of Christ
is a link to the Roswell church of Christ in Roswell, GA
is a link to the website for Spiritbuilding Publishing, a good source for Bible class workbooks, etc.... is a link to the website of Richard Thetford, evangelist for the Poudre Valley church of Christ in Loveland, Colorado is a link to the LaVista church of Christ. Very excellent source of information concerning many different subjects.

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