Over the last several weeks my sermons have focused upon some aspect of goal setting.  I spent a couple of weeks discussing the fact that we cannot become too discouraged if we fail to reach our goals.  The reality is, messing up is apart of who we are and what we do.  To rise above “natural” reactions requires us to set the lofty goal of being pleasing unto God and getting up and trying again.  You have to realize that God is there to help you succeed.  He takes no please in seeing us fail.  Now, in the same breath we need to realize that our goals need to be something that God wants to see us succeed.  Last week, in my sermon, I suggested that we work to grow as a church.  In order for any church to continue to grow, survive for another generation, etc it needs to be growing elders, deacons and preachers; future leaders for the church.  In fact, the next two lessons (today’s and next week’s) should help us continue to build towards that goal.  In order to have future leaders in the church we need to be sowing the seed in our community. 
This year to help us sow the seed in our community the men of the church agreed to have a 3rd meeting this year.  It will be a weekend only seminar on July 22-23.  We will have 4 lessons presented on the 22nd and close the series with on Sunday morning keeping with that theme.  Our theme this year is Superheroes of Faith.
Right now our society is enamored with superheroes.  The top grossing films in Hollywood over the last decade have been films like Avengers, The Dark Knight, Deadpool, Iron Man, Captain America, etc.  We love a good superhero story.  And why?  Is it because of the fantastic action?  Or, is it because as ABC’s Nightline suggested in June of 2013, “We need superheroes to tack problems that are too tough for mere mortals to handle.”  The article goes on to suggest that “Superheroes are the Greek gods of secular modern life-otherworldly figures able to tackle the problems of this human world.”  In other words, we need heroes because they do what we can’t.  The problem is, these heroes are not just flawed (the bibles heroes are flawed too).  The problem is that these heroes are not real.  They are not able to do these things.  And while we need them to over come life’s obstacle, we have so separated them from what we are that even as we see Superman pull someone from a burning building or watch Batman take down the master criminal we are left with the thought, only they can do this.  It doesn’t inspire us to rise above.  It does just the opposite.  It forces us to sit and wait for that hero to save us from ourselves. 
So why choose a Summer Series called “Superheroes of Faith.”  Because these superheroes are not “immortals” that achieved the unachievable.  These are heroes like you and I.  Not only do I hope to encourage those who attend to see what a real hero looks like, I hope to see those that come be encouraged to be a hero themselves.
With that in mind, I would not only like to inspire you to mark in your calendars this upcoming date.  (Yes I know it is a few months away.)  I want to inspire you to make your goal this year to be a hero of faith.  Some of you have children at home.  Others have grandchildren that are a part of your lives.  And all of us have someone in our lives that needs someone to look up to.  I want you to be that hero.  I want you to make it your goal today, tomorrow, and every day throughout this year to be someone’s superhero.
What does this mean for you?  Maybe like Abel you can leave behind a legacy that encourages future generations to put their trust in God.  Maybe like Noah you will save your family.  Maybe like Enoch, you will break the patterns in your family and live forever.  Maybe like Abraham you can trust in God’s promises even when everything in the “scientific world” tells you otherwise.  Maybe like Moses you can show your friends, family and loved ones that a real hero has the ability to suffer and not bat an eye.  Maybe you can show that real courage is about doing what is right in the sight of God regardless of what the world thinks.  Or maybe, you can show yourself to be a hero by putting God first in your life not just when it is convenient, but under every circumstance.


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Setting a Theme for Our Year

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