The other day, I was reading a blog written by a preacher friend of mine.  He was commenting on the fact that Donald Trump was not a moral choice for President of the United States.  He went on to quote scripture to support his viewpoint.  For the most part, he spoke of Trump’s seemingly volatile temper as he attacks and slanders all who oppose him.  (Personally, I think that is one reason why Trump has garnered so much popularity.  The voting base is angry and they are seeing a candidate that is expressing exactly what they feel).  After he finished quoting from Proverbs and what Solomon had to say about the quick tempered man he said that it was essentially our moral obligation to vote for a candidate other that Donald Trump.  Naturally, as all political discussions do, these started a firestorm of replies.  Then, one of my former professors from Florida College pointed out that none of the candidates are perfectly moral.  All of them, from the least to the greatest have sin in their lives.  To which, someone inevitably replied that in the end we are all just picking the lesser of two evils.  This whole conversation, along with that “end argument” really got me thinking about what moral obligation do I have to certain that my Presidential choice is a goodly, godly, man (or woman). 
The difficulty in answering this question resides in the fact that constitutional democracies didn’t exist in biblical times.  Despotism, Monarchies, and Republics tended to be the governments that existed during the time of biblically inspired authors.  Anything we read concerning kings, governors, leaders, etc need to first be read with that in mind.  Even passages that speak of casting lots (a form of voting) have to be read in their original context BEFORE any application can be made to the 21st century voting system here in America.  With that said, let us determine what application can be made.
In Prov. 1:14 Solomon warned of those that encouraged you to cast your lot in with certain people.  These persons shed innocent blood all in hopes of gaining financial gain.  While this really isn’t about voting it is about siding with certain persons because of how it might benefit you.  With that in mind, there is something that can be said about whom we side with politically.  No, there is not perfect candidate.  No, you won’t find a person who is guilty of no sin, but that isn’t what this is about.  It is about siding with those based upon how you might benefit.  That is exactly what we are doing when we vote.  With that in mind, we need to be mindful that we aren’t siding with those that shed innocent blood in hopes of gaining financially as  a result of it.  The reality is, several of the candidates have voted for and agree with the practice of organizations like Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood, as we know, has been at war again the unborn children in this world.  By their efforts millions of children are slaughtered every year, all in the name of “women’s rights” and “women’s health.”  Would you want to stand before God on the last day and explain that the reason why you continued to support those that supported this war against the unborn is because it helped your bottom dollar?
In II Cor. 6:14-18 Paul warns about being unequally yoked to the wicked of this world.  Some of taken this to mean that we cannot vote with anyone who is a sinner, let we “yoke” ourselves to his/her wagon.  We need to remember, Paul isn’t talking about 21st century voting practices.  He is talking about being bound a person that would necessitate you to participate in something sinful.  For instance, if the only reason why Farmer Fred would sell his crops to you is if you offered to go down to the local Ba’al temple and offer a portion of it to make certain that next year’s crops will be just as prosperous, Paul is telling us to not be yoked to such “contracts.”  Don’t put yourself in a legal obligation to sin.  Does that impact how I vote?  I think in some ways it might.  I am unaware of any current candidates that do this, but if a candidate were to declare that if he/she were elected President that he/she would require ALL Americans to engage in a sinful activity, then we have something.  For instance, if a person were to declare that all pregnancies beyond the first child were to be aborted, that would be a case you wouldn’t want to yoke yourself to that person.  Paul is NOT telling us that we cannot vote for a guy because he has been married three times before, or because he drinks, or because he has a temper, or lies, or whatever.
The fact of the matter is we were NOT to have anything to do with any one who did such things, where would we buy groceries?  Where would we fill our cars up with gas?  Where would we buy clothes, homes, electricity for to give us light and gas to warm our homes?  Paul even stated that we would have to leave the world in order to have no dealing with the worldly.
Here in a few weeks, we all will have the opportunity to cast our first “vote” for whom we think would make a good president.  I strongly urge you to let your faith guide you.  Just be mindful, that outside of the above circumstances, my choice may not be yours and that is okay.  -WTK

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Should Our Faith Guide Our Presidential Choice

The Light
Volume 7 Issue 6