If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love to study the creation account.  There is something absolutely remarkable about reading the first two chapters of the bible.  It stands alone among all creation accounts in the history of the world.  Ancient cultures talk about blood being shed in order to spring forth life on this earth.  Some talk about gods killing each other to create the universe or the planet.  Even the scientific “creation” story called evolution is filled with death and suffering to bring about the world in which we now live.  But, the creation story has none of that.  It is a simple story of an all powerful, all knowing, all present God speaking the world into existence.   Of course, modern “science” tell us that is ludicrous and things cannot just pop into existence because some as they call it “spaghetti sky god” said so.  Never mind the fact that top scientific minds agree that life may not have started here on this earth.  Even people like Richard Dawkins believe that aliens are a plausible explanation for how life began (See his interview on the documentary Expelled). 
You see the rejection as God as our creator comes down to authority.  People don’t like living under someone else’s authority.  We think it is normal for children to reach those rebellious teenage years (in fact many actually encourage it).  We think it is normal to see people protest in the streets again police officers.    (Why this last week we saw a political pundit claim that their son was wrongfully held at gunpoint just because he was black.  The reason why he was wrongfully held was given that he was a college student at Harvard.  Keep in mind, no trial has occurred yet.)  We think it is normal to tear down authoritarian figures.  (Consider what our media did to former President Bush).  And our media, and other liberals do a great job of trying to make any person who believes in a god who could create look like a buffoon.  I am firmly convinced that it all comes down to whether or not we desire to accept God’s authority.
In fact, much of the OT teaches us this lesson over and over again.  In Num. 13-17 we find story after story of God’s people challenging his authority over their lives.  First they rebelled and refused to go into the land God was leading them.  Then, they decided to go into the land without God’s permission.  Next a person worked on the Sabbath.  Korah and his 250 men rebelled trying remove the man God chose to lead Israel from “office.”  Finally, the people rebelled against God again by complaining about Moses’ leadership.  Even going back to man’s first sin it was rejecting God’s authority over man.  Man chose to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  While it clearly says Eve was deceived.  It never states Adam was.  He just did it anyways.  Open rebellion.  And this brings us back to the creation account.  No, there is no record of man rebelling against God, but even in the creation account it showed the authority of God.  All creation obeyed the voice of God.  God spoke and creation listened.  God said let there be light and there was light.  God said let there be a firmament and there was a firmament.  God said let there be trees, grasses, herbs, etc and there were trees, grasses, herbs, etc.  Even when God created man and put him in the garden, man obeyed God.  Not one part of creation dared to question what God was doing.  Not one part of creation failed to do what God told it to do.  And at the end of the week, God looked upon his whole creation and called it very good (Gen. 1:31).  This is the way God intended for all His creation to work.  He expected that His very speaking would move his creation to obey.  It fascinates me that God’s first written word not only establishes Him as God, as creator of all, but it shows what his expectations are.  His first lesson to man is not just about him as creator, it is about authority.  If we desire to be called good, or better yet very good, then we must obey God’s word.
Sadly, as we have already established man has done a horrible job of being obedient to the will of God.  He sinned in the garden.  He sinned when God tried to lead him to the Land of Promise.  He sinned when God sent His Son to show us how to live a life in according to the divine will of God.  And we continue to sin today rejecting God’s authority over our lives. 
Now, if we as a church desire to be a good church we need to be certain that we are found doing the things God has told us to do.  This is not about earning our way into heaven.  It is just about functioning as God creation was meant to function since the beginning of time.


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