In David Plattís book Follow Me he challenged Christians to take up their cross and follow Jesus.  In the last chapter of his book he proposed that each Christian ought to ask themselves six questions.  These six questions reached into my very soul and caused me to do some serious soul searching.  He typically asked himself these questions at the end of every year.  They were his ďNew Yearís Resolution finders.Ē  While I realize that the New Year is a few months away, questions this good shouldnít be ignored, but rather asked of us often.
Question #1: How will I fill my mind with the truth?  His first question brought to his heart what he intended on studying over the course of the next year.  Sure, you could pick up  a read your bible in a year schedule, but filling oneís mind with Godís word is much more than superficial or academic knowledge.  We need to be overflowing with the knowledge of God (like Ken Welieverís watering trough).  I encourage you to map out a plan.  Make the appropriate purchases and prepare yourself for how you can be filled with Godís word. 
Question #2: will I fuel my affections for God?  We have spent an entire week learning how to do this.  Brother Weliever gave us several things we can do to help us have a more intimate relationship with God.  I personally challenge you to make your worship unto God much more than a check list of things you need to do each week.  Next time you sing praises unto God, pour your soul into it.
Question #3: How will I share Godís love as a witness in the world?  That is, how can I share Godís word with all people in my world.  In Brent Hunterís personal evangelism book, Personal Evangelism 101, he encourages you to map out a plan.  Name 10 people in your life that you know are not Christians.  (And yes we all know at least 10 people that are not).  Begin praying for these people.  Pray that God opens up doors of opportunity so that you might share the gospel message with them. And, go knocking.
Question #4: How will I show Godís love as a member of a church?  This question was about how he can be a more active member of the church.  Something Ken said with during the Gospel Meeting stuck with me.  He stated that the love language God uses is Acts of Service.  God shows his love, not by saying I love you, not by a tender embrace, not by spoiling us with gifts, but through acts of service.  He sent his son.  He forgave us.  He provides us with all things that we need.  He takes care of us.  This my friends is the type of love language we need to be speaking unto one another.  Go and serve for we certainly are not greater than our master.  So, I encourage you to again map out a plan.  Write down different ways you can serve the various members of this church and then stick to it.
Question $5: How will I spread Godís love among all people?  Where as the previous question about sharing Godís love was about oneís personal world, this question was all about global evangelism.  We live in a time where traveling the world has become increasingly easy.  Just two years ago I met with a  former classmate from my Florida College days that decided to backpack though Europe and Asia.  He traveled to more parts of the world than I could ever image.  And the thing he took with him everywhere he went was his faith.  He shared it often on his journey.  While what he did cannot be called a missionary trip, he certainly when out there and spread the love of God.  Twitter, Internet, Cellphones, and other forms of technology has made connecting with someone on the other side of the world a possibility.  So, what are you doing to spread the message even unto those places.  I know that we often say, there is work to be done here.  But, the churches that were active in the spreading of the gospel were not solely focusing upon personal evangelism in their local communities.  The church in Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas throughout Asia Minor.  The church in Jerusalem sent Peter and John to Samaria.   The Philippian church on more than one occasion sent funds unto Paul to support him in his preaching.  So I ask you, what are you doing to spread the word to other parts of the world?
Question #6: How will I make disciple makers among a few people?  This article is one means in which I am attempting to answer this sixth question.  How can I inspire more people to follow after Jesus, Paul and the rest of the Apostles.   The truth is, the more I look at these godly men the more I realize that is who God wants me to be.  It is who God wants you to be.  As such, I need to find ways to encourage you, myself and every other Christian to be truly converted, take up their cross and follow after him.  It is radical?  Sure.  But, more importantly it is what God wants!  -WTK

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Six Questions to Challenge Your Faith

The Light
Volume 5 Issue 42