I know over the last several years you have heard me comment on the dangers that are presented through our television sets.  These thoughts were actually sparked by an article I read years ago.  I am not sure which one it was, but I am pretty sure one of the Deistelkamps wrote the article.  It talked of one whom one day his parents invited a friend in to their home.  This person was a great story teller.  The problem was most of his stories centered around the sinful practices of the world.  Over the years his stories go more profane and his language become more and more “adult” as the world calls it.  Never once did his parents tell him to be quiet.  Never once did his parents ask him to leave.  They just kept letting him tell his stories as he was his family were entertained.  That friend was the television.
I realize that television habits change from time to time.  I realize that what we might find humorous today may not be funny tomorrow.  However, modern programming must certainly be scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.  Set to debut in just a few short weeks is the program How to get away with Murder.  Perhaps the naïve part of me keeps telling me, they won’t actually go that far.  They won’t actually give you tips on covering up crimes, but with a title like that the story line must certainly have insight into how to get away with such a dastardly deed.  The second thought that popped in my mind is why would someone want to watch a program like this?  I mean was it the demographic audience?  Are there that many people watching TV on a Tuesday night saying, “You know what I really want to do right now?  I want to murder someone.  I wish there was a youtube video out there to instruct me on proper techniques.” 
Then again, this is not like this is the very first time programming has come across our televisions that has made me go, “Really, there is a market for this?”  TV shows like Two and a Half Men boggle my mind that they are actually still on TV.  It is about a womanizing man who abuses women (and yes, that is exactly what he is doing by having countless one night stands), gets drunk regularly and makes fun of his brother and nephew.  Then there was the cancelled Things (and I changed the name for modesty sake) My Dad Says.  The title of the program alone makes me wonder what Christian would think this is okay to watch.  And then we cannot forget the ever popular Bachelor and Bachelorette programs (and the numerous attempts to recreate this heathen laden program.  If the commercials that I have to turn my eyes from are any indication of what is actually going on during the hour long program, then I can’t see how a Christian can watch it and say it doesn’t matter.  It promotes drunkenness, carousing, promiscuity, reveling, gossip, and a slew of other sins.
Then, I read an article the other day that opened my eyes some more.  It was written from a worldly man’s point of view and he was commenting on the NFL’s portrayal of women.  First some background information on the article.  Ray Rice, recently cut from the Baltimore Ravens, hit his now wife and knocked her out.  There is a video of him hitter her and of him dragging her out of the elevator.  The NFL hit him with minor suspension.  This came with a huge backlash from everyone.  They felt it was insulting to women in general that a person can knock their fiancé out and get a 2 game suspension, but if they get caught with marijuana in their system (which is now legal in 2 states where there are NFL teams) they are banned for four games.  Now, back to the article.  The author made the claim that we shouldn’t be surprised.  The NFL objectifies woman every week.  Why would it not continue to do so?  Sit down and watch an NFL game and you will see commercials exploiting a woman for a Hardees commercial.  Then when the game comes back on, what do you see?  It is almost always a shot of a cheerleader in a particular pose meant to incite lust.  Even as I watched the first Bears game of the season I noticed this.  The Bears don’t have cheerleaders.  The game was at home.  How do they get a lustful image?  They went to the beaches of Chicago and filmed woman “sunbathing” on Lake Michigan.  Really?  What does that have to do with football?  What does that have to do with Chicago even?  When people think Chicago that don’t even think beautiful sandy beaches!  And yet, there it was, plastered on my TV screen. 
I don’t watch much TV anymore, because the reality is, there isn’t much worth watching.  I want my children to grow up in a home that honors God, honors fathers, and honors women.  This is something not done in modern TV.  So, why would I preach it on Sunday and then encourage them the rest of the week to be programmed by the filth called entertainment? 

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Why I Don't Watch Much TV Anymore

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Volume 5 Issue 39