This past week I read an interesting article in the Huffington Post.  It explained how the LGBT movement in America is actually a blessing to the church.  It showed three different ways in which the LGBT community is strengthening in the church.  The odd thing was that they were partially right.  In what areas the church was being strengthened was correct.  Where they were wrong was how the LGBT community actually strengthened the church.  Let me share with you some of their thoughts.
The LGBT community reminds us that “Acts” is not overThat is, God’s word needs to continually be reaching out into new communities.  The Huffington Post asserted that the LGBT are a field that the church is now starting to take seriously and therefore are now reaching out to them in hopes to “save” them.”  Where they steered wrong was making the assumption that a person can be a LGBT Christian (their exact terminology).  I am not sure I read that anywhere in the bible.  In fact I don’t think I read “alcoholic” Christian, “adulterous” Christian, “fornicating” Christian, “idolatrous” Christian or “lying” Christian either.  In fact, God did not desire any “type” of Christian.  There is neither male, female, slave, free, Jew or Gentile in God’s kingdom (Gal. 3:28).  The church is made up of the saved (Acts 2:47).  People whom Paul says were formerly sinners but now sanctified (I Cor. 6:9-11).  That being said, I do believe that we play a dangerous game when we start claiming that LGBT won’t accept the gospel.  We don’t have the right to look at any group and say, “they won’t believe.”  Our job is to share it with everyone, equally.  The church that looks at the LGBT community as a field that needs sowed and harvested with the truth of God’s word will be a church that is indeed strengthened.
The LGBT community is strengthening marriage.  Long has been the cry among conservatives that if LGBTs were given the right to marry that traditional marriages would suffer.  News flash my friends, traditional marriages were suffering long before LGBTs were given the right to marry.  We had people living together out of wedlock.  We had people getting divorces on a whim.  We had people cheating on their spouses, all the while proclaiming to hold “traditional” marriage as sacred.  The Huffington Post tried to claim that the successful “marriages” among LGBTs have encouraged those in a traditional marriage to make things work out.  Wrong.  So very wrong.  For starters, percentage wise, there are just as many LGBT divorces as there are “traditional” marriage divorces.  These numbers will continue to rise as these “marriages” among the LGBTs start reaching 4, 5 and 6 years.  That being said, I do believe that traditional marriage, that is marriage as defined by God in the bible is being strengthened.  As liberals have tried to railroad this practice down America’s proverbial throat it has forced us to consider what a marriage really is.  As we study from God’s word about what a marriage is, it should naturally encourage us to make certain our marriage is indeed in line with God’s word.  It should make us better husbands and better wives.
The LGBT community is teaching us about suffering.  The Huffington Post asserts that the suffering undertaken by the LGBT community is so severe that they are on the verge of breaking down mentally.  It goes on to say that this is especially true of what the Post calls “LGBT Christians.”  (I of course have already addressed my issues with that terminology).  My second issue with such a comment is that I don’t see the LGBT community suffering.  When a basketball player came out as gay last year his jersey quickly became the number one selling jersey; which is staggering because the player was never even considered a great player.  He was a street free agent that was signed in the middle of the season because a team lost both of its big men to season ending injuries.  When Michael Sam came out as gay he wasn’t persecuted.  He was applauded, heralded as a hero and called brave; as has every celebrity that has come out.  Even when my sister was in high school 13 years ago it was cool and popular to “come out.”  Many proclaimed to be gay even though they weren’t.  I am not saying that some people don’t treat them poorly.  It has happened.  But right now, the LGBT community is teaching us about suffering because they are persecuting us.  Those that stand against homosexuality are called bigots.  And not only have people called for them to be fired, they have been fired because of their religious convictions.


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