If you have taken the time to read the subject matter of our upcoming Gospel Meeting you will see that it is geared towards our young people.  We have lessons that deal with young people issues.  But, does this mean that those of us that are no longer of that tween or teenage group cannot benefit from discouragement, depression, dating and other such subjects.  The quick answer is no.  We can indeed benefit from lessons geared at our younger audiences. 
Benefit #1: We are always to be learning.  The life of a Christian is about spiritual grown.  The day that we think we have grown enough is the day that we begin our spiritual decline.  The chief priests and the Pharisees were supposed to be the teachers, the leaders and the one that were teaching the masses.  The problem is that while the were knowledgeable there seemed to be a ceasing of learning.  While it is my personal opinion in how I interpret the scriptures, I do think it is evidenced in their unwillingness to listen to the teaching of Christ.  The people clearly saw how Jesus did not teach as the spiritual leaders of the day, but as one having authority (Matt. 7:29).  During our Gospel Meeting (or youth lectureship as we are calling it), we have the opportunity to learn. 
Benefit #2: We can be a good example unto the youth that are here.  It is hard enough to be a young person these days.  I can recall from my youth that one of the biggest obstacles that I had was the idea that no one understood.  I especially felt that struggle with the generation gap.  My parents didnít understand.  My preacher didnít understand.  The older members of the church didnít understand.  As a result I was often left feeling like I wasnít being reached on my level.  It is not enough that we as a congregation are hosting this special series of lessons.  We need to show these young people that are attending here regularly was well as any others that might come that we want to understand life from their point of view.  What better way to do this than to come and listen to what it is that they are struggling with.  What better way to do this than to show them you care by being here.  What better way to do this than to talk with them before and after services.  What better way to do this than to be listening to their reactions to the sermons.
Benefit #3: We give ourselves the chance to be more able to help the young people today.  It is not enough to say I care.  I knew the saints at Rantoul cared.  My issues was that I felt that they couldnít understand.  If we listen to Fredericís messages when we are talking to a another person who might be struggling with some issue we will have the scriptures and knowledge we need to better help that person.  I can tell you this, as a young person who struggled with depression nothing put me off more than listen to someone claim they get it when they clearly didnít get it.  I recall listening to a sermon by a preacher speaking at a gospel meeting for Rantoul that had never been depressed.  I(He admitted as much).  He then began making broad generalities, gross exaggerations, and clearly showed that he was incapable of helping me.  Brother Grey is not just instructing the young people.  He is teaching you.  He is giving you the tools to remind these young people how to overcome whatever issue that is befalling them. 
Benefit #4: You get to praise God every night for a week.  It is amazing to me that Christians have to be encouraged to want to praise God.  In the same breath, these same Christians proclaim that they want to go to Heaven.  I donít know everything that will happen in Heaven.  But one thing I do know is that the praise of our God happens a lot.    In fact, it is the lone activity clearly shown to be happening in Heaven.  How can a person that doesnít like gather with the saints to glorify God find comfort in knowing that he/she will be doing that throughout eternity? 
Benefit #5: We get encouragement ourselves.  Heb. 3:13 teaches us to encourage each other daily.  By being here you get are sure to get your daily encouragement (so long was we are actually encouraging each other).  In NT times it was not uncommon to the church gathering on a daily basis.  As a result they were growing at a much more exponentially greater rate than what we do today.  Let us be honest, who wouldnít benefit from a little more love, kindness, and support?

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Does This Gospel Meeting Help Even Me?

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