I am completely shocked by the events that have transpired in Bruce Jenner’s life.  I am not a fan of reality TV, but some things you just can’t help but notice. 
Bruce Jenner first came into the line light for being an Olympic athlete.  He won the gold medal in the 1976 Olympic games for the decathlon.  Anyone who knows anything about Olympic sports knows that the decathlon is easily the most difficult of events to participate in. It is a grueling 10 event competition that requires a person to master not just one event, but 10.  Not only did he win gold but he broke the world record doing so.  While his record fell the next year, no American could touch his numbers until 1991.  For 16 years he was the standard for greatness in the sport.  Like many athletes he used this to catapult himself into the American Limelight.  It culminated with a slew of bad movies that made caused him to essentially disappear.  That is until he landed a reality TV series that featured his step-daughters.  As I have said, I don’t watch such programs, but from what I heard, people often talked about how this brought more shame than fame to Bruce Jenner.  Then, tabloid magazines began reporting that Jenner was going through a sex change operation.  I remember when I first saw that headline I laughed at the ridiculous notion that one of America’s greatest athletes would go through a sex change.  Then, earlier this year, it was revealed that the tabloid magazines got it right.  And earlier this month, Bruce was featured on Vanity Fair magazine as a woman.  The caption read, Call me Caitlyn.
As I read this lines the first thing that hit me was that Caitlyn is my daughters name and immediately began thinking that this man has stolen the beauty I saw in the name and turned it into a side circus.  After my initial personal thoughts died down on the subject the next thing I began to think about was his demands to be called a woman.  He no longer desired to be known as Bruce, but viewed himself as a woman, name Caitlyn.
My initial thoughts of disgust turned into remorse.  Bruce Jenner has become THE face of the transgender movement.  Never has a more public figure gone through this “journey.”  As a result the LGBT community has obviously latched on to his story.  The have been hailing him a hero.  Yes, the very term that used to be reserved for our soldiers who have put their lives on the line for our freedoms. 
As for me, I refuse to call him Caitlyn.  And I refuse to call him a hero.
I won’t call him Caitlyn because he can’t change what he is.  Sure, he can put on dresses.  He can have surgery to make him look like a woman, but it does not change the fact that his DNA says otherwise.  His chromosomes are male.  No amount of surgeries or superficial looks can change that.  Furthermore, people that go through this “change” have to take hormonal therapy.  Do you know why?  Because despite their claims, their bodies are telling them that they are not what they claim to be.  He is Bruce.  He will always be Bruce.  Now I am not saying that he does have something feel amiss inside of him.  A person that goes through this obviously does.  I am sure he feels like something is wrong with him.  I honestly feel for him.  But, with that said, he is looking in the wrong places to fix what ails him.  The truth is, I don’t feel like I belong in the skin I wear.  I feel like I was /am destined for something else.  The bible confirms this.  My body is a temporary dwelling place.  I shall one day put on the immortal body that will permit me to be exactly what I was made to be.  Bruce needs God a lot more than he needs a good plastic surgeon. 
I refuse to call him a hero.  Maybe 10 years ago the term would be fitting.  But in today’s world it is not difficult to be LGBT.  Sure, they like to keep up the old mantle of how white heterosexual males are keeping them down.  But the reality is, it is easier to be a transsexual in this country right now than it is to be a Christian.  When is the last time the LGBT headquarters were receiving a constant barrage of death threats?  And yet, I know that articles like this could cause some to hate me.  To turn against me.  Simply because I speak the truth.  No, Bruce is no hero.  I real hero is one who does the right thing, even when society says otherwise.  Our heroes today are those that take a stand for God’s standard. -WTK

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Don't Call Him Caitlyn or a Hero

The Light
Volume 6 Issue 26