Your Updated Guide for Who to Follow on Snapchat (2024)

Update, 3/2/2017: Six years standing and Snapchat still reigns as the most personalized glimpse into the lifestyles of the A-list. We're just as obsessed with the app as we were when it debuted in 2011, especially with recent celebrities and models bringing their A-game to Snapchat. Below, an updated guide on who to follow:

kendalljenner: Follow along for the top model's whirlwind days of shows and shoots, with appearances from her model and rapper besties, snapping rendezvous with the her sisters and the Hadids as they jet set across the globe.

itsgigihadid: From swoon-worthy snuggle sessions with boyfriend Zayn, gorgeous travel photos and what she's cooking up in her kitchen, the model offers up a closer look at her private life.

babybellz777: Following suit, the younger Hadid sister diaries her daily life as the newest face of Dior Beauty, hopping between photoshoots, parties and prepping for the runways, taking along her followers with her.

KhloeKSnaps: See just how Kardashian keeps her revenge bod with behind-the-scenes peeks at her daily sweat sessions and workout routines.

realparishilton: The OG party girl chronicles her chaotic, jet set life and takes us inside her closet, her fridge and her mansion(s) with one of her pups in her constant shadow.

emrata: The outspoken model offers behind-the-scenes peeks as she jets across the globe for photoshoots, personal vacation and more.

Update, 5/6/2016: Celebrities are hopping on the Snapchat bandwagon by the dozens lately, with innumerable A-listers joining the app since our last update. Here, an upgraded list of the ones you need to be following:

chrissyteigen: From cooking lessons to peeks at baby Luna, life is never boring for Teigen and husband John Legend.

jenatkinhair: The hairstylist for the likes of the Kardashians and Chrissy Teigen shares her adventures with her clients around the world.

KimKardashian: Just when you thought the social media maven couldn't share any more of her life, Kardashian offers an inside look at her beauty routine, exclusive events like the Met Gala and adorable moments with baby North.

ladygaga: Follow for an inside look at the pop star's life—watch out for cameos from fiancé Taylor Kinney and her pups Asia and Koji.

khudsnaps: Kate Hudson's masterful impressions and slew of silly voices will put you in a good mood no matter what.

theoliverhudson: Kate Hudson's little brother has no filter or self-consciousness and the wildest imagination we've seen in someone past the age of seven.

Update, 7/22/15: Back in February, David Yi gave BAZAAR his official guide to navigating the world of Snapchat—along with who to follow on the new favorite app. With more celebs, models and bloggers stepping up their snap game, we rounded up the latest must-follow accounts to add to your radar below:

Rickthesizzler: Mega-star Justin Bieber finally gave in last month and shared his Snapchat account with the world—giving all the Bieliebers a firsthand look at his life, from riding around in his custom Maybach, goofing around with his best friends to spending quality time with his little brother Jaxson.

Kylizzlmynizzl: The youngest Jenner, Kylie loves a good Snapchat singalong, you'll find her lip-synching to her favorite tunes while riding around Calabasas, and also glimpses of her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner.

Rihanna: The account is run by Rihanna's best friend, Leandra Simone, which gives us a real behind-the-scenes look at the pop diva, from her late-night munchie runs to bathing her new puppy.

CalvinHarris: While we're still waiting for a glimpse of life with superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift, for now Harris shows off his funny side, recording humorous moments from a life on the go.

Haileybisboring: Quite the contrary, Hailey Baldwin's snapchat records hilarious moments with her movie-star dad Stephen Baldwin, and dance parties with her crew including Kendall Jenner, Jayden Smith and more.

ChiaraFerragni: It's true the #BlondeSaladNeverStops, see what it's really like to be a blogger, country hopping, attending fabulous parties, and working on photo shoots with major brands and magazines.

Joan_Smalls: From the perfect supermodel selfies, to peeks at life on-set, you won't want to miss a minute of her story.

KellyBellyBoom1: Want to know what it's like to be one of the newest Victoria's Secret angels? Follow the Swedish-born stunner, Kelly Gale, for a look at her workouts and photo shoots with the legendary lingerie brand.

ChelseaLeyland: From working the party circuit and constant travels, get an inside peek as life as a DJ-about-town, plus you can't help but be entertained by her American accent impersonations.

DevWindsor: Top model, Devon Windsor, who splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, loves to bring her Snapchat followers along for the ride.

ShaninaMShaik: The Aussie model also shares a behind-the-scenes look at life on set, where she always has her bulldog, Chopper, by her side.

Jas: She may smize for the camera, but Victoria's Secret angel Jasmine Tookes shows off her fun and goofy side on the app, whether she's hanging at home with model boyfriend Tobias Sorenson (thesorenson87) or girl's night out with Victoria's Secret babes.

Original Post, 2/10/15: If Facebook is where your parents live, and Instagram and Twitter where millennials hang, Snapchat is where kids of Generation Z have gone to seek refuge. The app, which made its debut in 2011, initially attracted teens who wanted their own place in the universe to send everything from silly scribbles to salacious sexts, knowing that they would be purged within seconds.

Today, it's become the most relevant social media platform that's available. Free from intuitive features that readily hand over information into a newsfeed or a home page, the platform isn't the easiest ones to learn. Which makes it cool—like a secret club—for only those "in the know" to understand.

And for adults who have been able to grasp its concept, it's become the speakeasy for social media.

Recently, Snapchat debuted its Discover feed with partners like ESPN, Yahoo News, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Warner Music, among others, a place where users can find breaking news stories updated throughout the day. It's also the same place where Madonna recently premiered her video, "Living for Love" last week. From scripted shows that have already debuted like "Literally Can't Even," to live feeds from events like Sundance or last Sunday's Grammys, Snapchat is proving that it's only getting more relevant and quickly taking over.

If you're still not sold on Snapchat and still a little puzzled as to who to follow—or what it's about—here's BAZAAR's starter kit of the best users who are using the app correctly, and who you need to follow now.

Bobbyhundreds- If you want to see how Snapchat is supposed to be used, there's no one else to follow than Bobby "Hundreds" Kim, co-founder of the Los Angeles streetwear brand, The Hundreds. Kim uses the platform to tell daily stories of his life, from attending influencer conferences with Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso, to getting pulled over by cops. Whatever the tale, there's always a takeaway and insight that Kim shares.

psimadethis- Erica Domesek of the popular DIY site, P.S. I Made This, has translated her social media prowess into creating hilarious stories on Snapchat. In one story she's off on an eating sojourn with two friends in Santa Monica. In another, she's watching hot boys eating during a Super Bowl party. It's like watching Domesek's own reality show in real time, and we're completely glued to our phone screens.

Man_Repeller- The always witty Leandra Medine gives you a quirky, behind-the-scenes look at The Man Repeller. Consider Leandra's Snapchats your front row ticket to New York's fashion scene and all things cool.

Diplo- Who doesn't fantasize about hanging with Diplo as their best friend or permanent companion? The swaggy DJ takes insider videos into his jet-setting life where users are able to see him changing (ahem, while shirtless) into his Grammys outfit, to listening to exclusive beats he's working on. Whatever the case, it's obvious that it's Diplo's world, we're only watching (avidly on Snapchat).

Nowthisnews- Founded in 2012, NowThisNews is one of the first and only news outlets that completely lives on social media. With its bold, humorous graphics, it translates easily onto Snapchat as one of the most exciting and insightful news channels germane to this generation.

JeromeJarre- As if becoming one of the world's biggest Vine stars wasn't enough, Jerome Jarre, the 24-year old social media wunderkind, went onto Snapchat last year to do the same thing. Now with millions of followers, you can watch Jarre live Snapchatting from award shows, to hanging with celebs like Robert de Niro and Pharrell.

Hannahbgood- The always fashionable DJ Hannah Bronfman's Snapchats are the perfect balance of her duo life—health/fitness expert and curator of HBFit by day and one of fashion's hottest DJ's by night. From her motivating workouts to her videos from behind the turntables at New York's best parties, her snaps will give you major FOMO.

Frmheadtotoe- YouTube beauty guru, Jen Chae, of the popular channel, Frmheadtotoe, recently amassed over 1 million subscribers. She's since taken that momentum and launched a saccharine but informative Snapchat where users can see what products she's currently using and how she applies makeup. The best part of her Snaps are when she documents each step of her beauty regime from a naked, makeup free face, to full, finished face.

Ryanseacrest- The busiest man in showbiz also has one of the busiest Snapchats around. Seacrest provides an intimate and compelling behind-the-scenes look into his life, from hitting the red carpets, to interviewing your favorite celebrities.

SophiaAmoruso- What is it like to be a #girlboss? From the looks of Amoruso's own Snaps, pretty amazing. The 30-year old doesn't hold back when it comes to filming antics such as using her own hair as sunglasses, or poking fun at herself while riding down a Los Angeles street. Obviously, Amoruso is saying that a #girlboss just wants to have fun.

Ireneisgood- One of the biggest models in South Korea and now a burgeoning street style star stateside, Irene Kim, provides an inside look into the many shoots she's on, to her hair transformations, and her insane outfits she's prepared for New York Fashion Week.

VashtieKola- If you've ever had serious FOMO, now's not the time to follow fashion insider and New York City It Girl, Vashtie. The DJ provides her followers with an intimate look inside the exclusive fashion world and the ins and outs of all things cool.

Atrak- The Canadian DJ takes his followers on a dizzying, 24/7 worldwide adventure, jumping from one continent to another, doing so with style, humor, and frenetic energy.

Your Updated Guide for Who to Follow on Snapchat (1)

David Yi

David Yi is the founder of Very Good Light, a site that aims to redefine masculinity through a beauty lens, and good light cosmetics, a gender-inclusive beauty brand; Pretty Boys is his first book.

I'm well-versed in social media landscapes and the influencers dominating platforms like Snapchat. The article you shared highlights the evolving nature of Snapchat, showcasing how it transitioned from a platform known for its ephemeral content to a hub for celebrities, models, and influencers offering glimpses into their daily lives. The roster of notable Snapchat users demonstrates the platform's appeal across various industries, from fashion and entertainment to news and lifestyle.

Let's break down the concepts mentioned:

  1. Snapchat's Evolution: The piece covers Snapchat's progression from its debut in 2011 to its status as a relevant social media platform by 2017. Initially attracting a younger demographic, it expanded to host a variety of content, including behind-the-scenes moments from celebrities and influencers.

  2. Celebrities on Snapchat: The article lists numerous high-profile individuals and their Snapchat handles, showcasing how they engage their audience. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber offer intimate glimpses into their lives, from personal moments to professional endeavors.

  3. Influencers and Models: Apart from celebrities, it mentions influencers and models leveraging Snapchat. Names like Devon Windsor, Irene Kim, and Leandra Medine (Man_Repeller) use the platform to provide exclusive content related to their careers, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

  4. Media Integration: Snapchat's integration of media outlets like ESPN, CNN, Cosmopolitan, and NowThisNews through the Discover feed illustrates its evolution into a source for news, entertainment, and exclusive content. Madonna's video premiere on Snapchat highlights its role in content dissemination.

  5. Businesses and Entrepreneurs: The article features individuals like Bobby "Hundreds" Kim and Sophia Amoruso, who utilize Snapchat to showcase their daily lives, entrepreneurial ventures, and behind-the-scenes insights into their industries.

  6. Content Creation and Engagement: The influencers mentioned, such as DIY expert Erica Domesek (psimadethis), DJ Hannah Bronfman, and beauty guru Jen Chae (Frmheadtotoe), leverage Snapchat to share engaging, relatable, and informative content related to their respective niches.

  7. Cultural Impact and Global Reach: The global appeal of Snapchat is evident through the presence of personalities like Vashtie (New York City It Girl) and Atrak (Canadian DJ), showcasing the platform's global reach and cultural impact.

The article essentially highlights how Snapchat transcended its initial purpose, becoming a multifaceted platform catering to diverse content creators and audiences, from celebrities and models to entrepreneurs and media outlets.

Your Updated Guide for Who to Follow on Snapchat (2024)
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