Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (2023)

Building your website from scratch with the traditional coding method has never been an easy-to-perform idea. Therefore, in this article, LitExtension – #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert will get you covered with Wix tutorial for beginners 2023to facilitate your website development process.

Either you are a novice desiring to build a website or you've just migrated to Wix, you will get the answers for:

  • What is Wix.com and How does Wix work;
  • How to build a Wix website and How to edit Wix website;
  • What are inspiring Wix website examples;

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Wix Tutorials: Create A Wix Website From Scratch

#1. Set up your account

Firstly, what you need to do first is click on ‘Get Started’ on Wix homepage.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (1)

Next, you have to fill in the sign-up form to sign up a Wix website and it only takes you a few minutes to complete this step. Specifically, you will need to provide your email address and set up your account password.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (2)

#2. Finish a quick survey from Wix

After the registration process, Wix will require you to complete a quick survey to gather some basic insights about your website. Since this survey is not compulsory, you can skip it and move to the next stage.

However, you should not go over it without taking a look at it. Remarkably, the more detailed information regarding your website that you submit, the better service experience you will receive from Wix.

In case you need a Wix tutorial for beginners video to show you how to create a Wix website from scratch, check out this video:

#3. Wix ADI vs Wix Editor: What version should you choose?

Now, you need to choose the appropriate Wix version to use for your website development. Currently, Wix offers two official options for users, including Wix ADI and Wix Editor.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (3)


You might be wondering, “What is Wix ADI?” – Wix ADI stands for Wix Artificial Design Intelligence. Just like its name suggests, this version uses machine learning algorithms to assist users in building their websites.

What you need to do is answer some simple questions from Wix drop-down menus and pick your favorite website template. By understanding your expectations, Wix will automatically build a website for you within minutes.

It sounds extremely easy, right? However, Wix ADI does not have a significant amount of website customizations and extensions. As a result, if you want to minimize the time spent on creating your website, Wix ADI is the perfect solution for you.

Wix Editor

Certainly, Wix has tried their best to bring the most user-friendly experience of creating websites to their customers. Consequently, both Wix ADI and Wix Editor versions are easy to use.

Nevertheless, Wix Editor will require you to put more effort into your website development project. In return, you are able to utilize comprehensive Wix tools to make your unique website and customize it by yourself.

On the other hand, we published a detailed comparison between Wix ADI vs Wix Editor, in case you can’t decide which one would be suitable for you. In this Wix website tutorial, we will instruct you how to use Wix Editor since it gives you more freedom and customization.

Lately, Wix has launched an innovative solution for agencies and developers to build a Wix website more effectively and responsively. You can definitely opt for Wix Editor X (you may read Wix Editor X review here).

Wix Tutorial 2023: Choose a Template

To start your website construction process, you need to choose a website template first. Luckily, Wix Template Market makes sure that you can approach various design options, categorized into different sections, including:

  • Business & Services
  • Store
  • Creative
  • Community
  • Blog

Importantly, make sure that you choose the template that exactly matches your initial purpose since you can't change Wix web template.

If you're overwhelmed with the incredible number of templates, don't miss our picks ofbest Wix templates for your website.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (4)

Wix Tutorial: Customize Your Site

#1. How to edit Text on Wix and add Sections?

After choosing your website template, you will be navigated to the admin dashboard. From now, you can start adding and editing sections on your website. By clicking on ‘Menu & Page’, you are able to access, manage and modify different pages of the website such as homepage, blog, contact us, etc.

If you want to modify the main title of your website, just double-click on it. In particular, you will see the ‘Text Settings’ box that allows you to make some changes on factors like themes, bold, bullet points, line spacing and SEO.

Firstly, edit a section's dimensions and positions can be performed on the right menu bar. Secondly, what you need to do is click twice on a layout. Next, just fill in the ‘Size’ box and the ‘Position’ box with new indexes, and you can successfully modify your section.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (5)Below is the instruction for editing your page components, but how about adding new elements to your website? Well, it’s time to use the ‘App’ icon on the left menu bar. Click on it and you will see a whole bunch of functional elements that can be added to your website.

If you want to create a payment form then choose the ‘Contacts & Forms’ tag and select the ‘Payment’ sub-tag. Next, drag your chosen template to where you want it to appear on your page.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (6)

In case you want to undo or redo changes, click on the arrow-shaped icons on the top bar.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (7)

#2. How to add font to Wix and choose colors?

Undoubtedly, color is a powerful factor that can affect how customers perceive a brand. Hence, you need to make sure that you choose the right color theme for your website. It should not only show your online brand's uniqueness but also positively impress your audiences.

Thankfully, Wix provides available themes with different color combinations. Click on the ‘Theme Manager’ icon and then choose ‘Change Theme’, you can now access a colorful list of themes to use for your website. Next, you need to pick the best option for you.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (8)

If you want to edit your theme color, just simply choose a button with the water droplet icon. Especially they allow you to adjust individual colors.

Along with attractive theme colors, Wix also has countless fonts used for your text edition. Double-click on any text on the screen, then select the suitable font for you from the font list.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (9)

#3. How to upload images and galleries

Are you looking for professional and appealing images to upload on your website? This is when Wix comes in handy. Currently, it has a considerable number of visual materials like stock images, videos, illustrations, and vector arts, etc. Besides, the good news is that they are totally free to use.

Choose the ‘Media’ icon on the left menu bar and scroll down, you will see different material categories such as: Wix images, Wix videos, Shutterstock images and Shutterstock videos.

If you want to see each of them in detail, just click on the ‘Show More’ button. Next, you will be navigated to a single collection.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (10)

Nonetheless, how do you choose an item from the album and publish it on your website? Very simple, click on your favorite image and select ‘Add to page’. Now, you can artistically decorate your website.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (11)

Besides, Wix also allows you to directly pay for Shutterstock each time you choose an image from them. After picking a product from Shutterstock, choose the “Buy Image” button at the bottom right corner and fill in the payment form.

In case you would like to upload and use your available media materials, click on the ‘+Upload Media’ button. Now, you can choose your resources from various options like your desktop, Google Drive and Dropbox, etc.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (12)

Images connect with human emotion and imagination well. Unquestionably, they grab visitors’ attention faster than other components of a website. Furthermore, they can boost your page’s SEO ranking if you optimize their Alt attributes as well.

Accordingly, you should consider adding an image gallery to your website to improve visual attraction and gain more web traffic. Currently, Wix provides several gallery templates for you to use. For further details, click the ‘Add’ button and choose ‘Gallery’, you will see 5 versions of the gallery, including:

  • Recommended: Wix recommends two templates for creating image galleries.
  • Pro Galleries: All elements like texts, photos, and videos will be shown with their highest qualities in your gallery.
  • Grid Galleries: Divide your gallery into diverse sub-boxes. Hence, visitors will have a clear overview of all the individual images on it.
  • Slider Galleries: Like a presentation slide, this gallery will display your images one by one. Therefore, your website will become more lively.
  • More Galleries: By choosing this option, you can find other galleries with interesting effects and animations.

After finding a suitable gallery template, just drag it from the category and drop it into where you want it to appear on your page. As a result, you will have an awesome gallery within minutes.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (13)

Wix Tutorial: Create Pages

In order to create pages for your website, click on ‘Menu & Pages’. Next, on the ‘Site Menu’ section, choose ‘+ Add Page’. Now, you can pick any available templates for your new page or build it from scratch by selecting ‘+ Blank Page’.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (14)
Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (15)

Wix Tutorial: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that 57% of Internet users won’t recommend a website that has a low-quality design on mobile? Therefore, you should really focus on optimizing your website’s mobile friendliness. Fortunately, you can switch your web interface from the desktop to the mobile version with Wix. In particular, mouse over and choose the mobile icon on the top horizontal bar, and you will see your website viewed from the mobile screen.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (16)

Specially, Wix mobile editor allows you to edit and add components without affecting your website on the desktop version.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (17)

Wix Tutorial: Add Specific Site Functionality

#1. Wix Blog Tutorial

First, setting up your blog page can be performed by clicking on the pen-shaped icon and choosing the ‘Add Now’ button. Then, click on ‘Blog Manager’ and choose ‘Create a Post’ to start writing blog posts for your website.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (18)

If you want to manage your blog then select ‘Manage Posts’. Subsequently, the dashboard will clearly display all the status of your posts, such as published, drafts, scheduled, and trash.

Additionally, you can add some blog factors on your website, such as tag cloud, category menu, custom feed, recent post feed, etc by selecting ‘Add Blog Elements’.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (19)

#2. Wix Online Store

Currently, there are more than 4 million live stores being hosted by Wix, which is an impressive number. Wix Ecommerce’s core advantage over other platforms such as Shopify or Squarespace comes from its simplicity. Fundamentally, it has e-commerce features like store management, store analytics and digital marketing that help you easily operate your online store (you may read more about Wix eCommerce review here).

With plenty of website templates and additional features which can be added to your website, Wix is truly the right option for you to start your e-commerce business. In case you already have an online store, the good news is that migrating to Wix is really simple.

To add eCommerce functionality to your Wix site, click on the ‘+’ icon on the left menu bar and choose ‘Store’ from the list of add-ons. Next, select the ‘Add to Site’ button and you can start developing your eCommerce site.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (20)

From now, you can select the ‘My Store’ button and modify different store components such as products, payment methods, product gallery, and add to cart button.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (21)

Wix Tutorial: Add More Apps

Wix has an app market with countless apps for empowering customization possibilities of your Wix site. On the left side of your screen, select ‘Add Apps’ and start searching for the functionality you want to add to your site. The installation process is very simple since you only need to click on an app and choose ‘Add to Site’ to activate it on your website.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (22)

Wix Tutorial: Optimize For Search Engines

Wix’s team has put a lot of effort into enhancing the SEO feature to compete with WordPress and Weebly. Fundamentally, it covers basic SEO functions like meta title, meta description URLs, image alt, etc.

To start optimizing SEO for each page on your website, select ‘Menu & Pages’ and click on ‘Site Menu’. Then mouse over the page you want to make changes to, choose the circle icon on the right corner and select Settings. Now, there are 3 main SEO sections related to your website that you can edit including:

  • SEO (Google): SEO factors displayed on Google search page.
  • Social Shares: Content that will be shared on social media channels.
  • Advanced SEO: Structured data and meta tags edition (Wix recommends that only SEO experts can modify these tags).
Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (23)

For adjusting SEO components while creating or editing a blog post, just select ‘SEO’ on the left menu bar. Next, you can start modifying the SEO factors.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (24)

When you click on an image in your post, you can add title and alt text for it by choosing the small gear-shaped icon on the horizontal bar. Similarly, this method is also applied to other images on different pages of your website.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (25)

Wix Tutorial: Choose A Domain Name

A good domain name will reflect your brand, simple, short and easy to remember. A domain name meeting the criteria above will help customers to type the exact URL and find your website in a flash.

If you haven't come up with your business name yet, now it's time to do it. In case you already have a domain, Wix helps you connect the existing one with just a click.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (26)

In fact, Wix users can purchase a domain either from Wix or another provider after checking the domain availability.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (27)

Once you upgrade to premium plan, you can get free domain for 1 year with following domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .rocks, .pictures, .co.uk, .club, .space, .xyz.

Wix Tutorial: Choose A Plan And Publish!

After finishing setting up all the previous steps, choose ‘Preview’ to check your website before it goes live.

Wix Tutorial for Beginners to Create a Website [Aug, 2023] (28)

Next, if everything is perfect, then choose a suitable Wix pricing plan to publish your site.

How much is a Wix website? Is Wix free to use? – Actually, yes if you don't mind the Wix ads and banners and an uneditable part in your domain.

Besides, Wix is offering 7 pricing plans fluctuating between 16$ and 59$/month. Specifically, they are divided into 2 main categories: Wix website builder and Wix eCommerce. The more you pay for Wix, the more advanced features you will receive from them.

For further detailed price information regarding Wix, you can check out our article on Wix pricing.

After finishing all of the steps, click ‘Publish‘ to officially show your work.

Wix Tutorial: Top 10 Stunning Wix Website Examples.

If you are curious about how other Wix websites look like and looking for inspiration to Wix create website, discover the list of dazzling Wix website examples below and build your own.

  1. Bandsintown
  4. Otterbein
  6. Animal Music
  7. Ravin AI
  8. Poke Bowlz
  9. Kunstrukt
  10. TerraLiving

Wix Tutorial: FAQs

1. How to use Wix?

  • Go to Wix site
  • Sign up through Facebook or Google or enter your email address and set up a password
  • Click “+ Create New Site
  • Select Wix ADI or Wix Editor based on your preferences
  • Choose a suitable theme if you choose Wix Editor
  • Answer questions if you choose Wix ADI
  • Add apps from Wix App Market

After that, follow this Wix guide to create a stunning site.

2. What is Wix site?

Wix is an SEO-friendly website builder, which is suitable for everyone to create a website, a blog or even an eStore without applying any technical or coding skills.

You can effortlessly create a Wix site right after registering an account on Wix.com. Wix also offers you an AI builder and a manual builder to help you set up a website in the shortest period of time.

3. How to get rid of the Wix banner?

Right after you purchase premium plan on Wix, you can remove Wix banner.

Please note that Connect Domain plan doesn't allow you to remove Ads, so consider choosing a higher plan.

4. How to change website name on Wix?

You can effortlessly change Wix website name on Wix dashboard. First, click “Site Actions“, then choose “Rename Site“. After entering the new name for your site, click “Rename” to save the change.

5. How to change URL on Wix?

  • Enter Page Menu.
  • Click the Settings icon .
  • Tab Page SEO.
  • Replace the existing name with a new one.

6. How to change Wix template?

Once you chose a template on Wix, you cannot switch. However, you can move any elements on your existing site to simulate the template you like.

Wix Tutorial: Final Words

Overall, Wix does not cost you much time and effort in building your website. It is not tricky to operate, and even newbies can easily handle it.

We hope this Wix tutorial has provided you with valuable basic instructions regarding your website development project. If migrating from the current eCommerce platform to Wix is too complicated for you, then let LitExtension – #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert can quickly handle this task. We will support you 24/7 and make sure your migration process will occur in the most seamless way so don't hesitate to contact LitExtension support team!

Lastly, don’t forget to visit LitExtension Blog for more insights and join and follow our community on Facebook to get more eCommerce tips and news.

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