The Perfect Attire for a Funeral Viewing: A Guide for Men (2023)


In times of grief and remembrance, choosing the right attire for a funeral viewing is a gesture of respect and support for the deceased and their grieving family. As a man attending such an occasion, striking the perfect balance between reverence and comfort is paramount. In this guide, we provide detailed insights into appropriate male attire for funeral viewings, ensuring you convey the utmost respect while maintaining a fitting level of comfort.

Funeral Attire: Black Suit and Tie

Classic Choices for a Funeral Viewing

1. Black Suit and Tie

When attending a funeral or memorial service, the timeless choice for men is a well-fitted black suit and tie. This classic ensemble is both respectful and suitable for the somber occasion. Avoid a tuxedo for viewings, opting instead for a traditional black suit with a conservative cut. Pair it with a clean, wrinkle-free white or light-colored button-down shirt and a simple, subdued black tie. Keep accessories minimal, focusing on a black belt and dress shoes to maintain a respectful tone.

2. Navy Blazer and Khaki Pants

For a male seeking a classic and stylish option, a navy blazer paired with khaki pants is a timeless choice. The navy blazer adds sophistication, while khaki pants keep the look comfortable and casual. Ensure the blazer is tailored with notched lapels and a two-button closure. Combine it with a crisp, white button-down shirt and slim-fitting khaki pants for a clean and put-together appearance. Complete the outfit with coordinating dress shoes, avoiding overly casual footwear.

3. Gray Dress Shirt and Black Slacks

Choosing a gray dress shirt and black slacks is a fitting option for a respectful and formal appearance at a viewing. Gray is a versatile and sophisticated color, easily matched with other items. Opt for a well-fitted shirt and pair it with formal black slacks in a material like wool for added elegance. Ensure the outfit is polished with clean, black dress shoes. This combination expresses formality while allowing a touch of personal style.

4. Dark Blue Suit and White Shirt

Attending a viewing calls for a dark blue suit paired with a crisp white shirt. The dark blue exudes professionalism and sophistication, suitable for funerals and memorials. The white shirt adds formality to the ensemble, symbolizing purity and reverence. Choose a simple tie in black or navy, and complete the look with black dress shoes and minimal accessories. This combination strikes a balance between traditional and polished.

5. Black Dress Shirt and Dark Jeans

For a somber yet slightly more relaxed appearance, a black dress shirt and dark jeans can be a go-to option for a viewing. The black shirt adds formality, emphasizing the seriousness of the event. Pair it with well-fitted, dark jeans for a comfortable yet polished look. Elevate the outfit with dress shoes or clean, polished sneakers. Keep accessories minimal to maintain a respectful tone, focusing on the significance of the occasion.

6. Charcoal Gray Suit and Black Tie

A classic and appropriate choice for a funeral viewing is a charcoal gray suit paired with a black tie. The neutral and somber tones of charcoal gray reflect the solemn nature of the occasion. Choose a well-fitted suit and keep the tie simple and conservative. Opt for a white or light blue shirt to create a clean and polished appearance. Complete the outfit with black leather dress shoes, ensuring they are clean and well-maintained.

7. Khaki Suit and Light Blue Shirt

For a viewing or wake, a safe and stylish choice is a khaki suit paired with a light blue shirt. This combination strikes a balance between formal and relaxed, suitable for various types of viewings. Opt for a well-fitted khaki suit and pair it with a light blue shirt for a timeless and classic look. Add a conservative tie in navy or black and complete the outfit with black or brown leather dress shoes. Keep accessories understated to convey respect while allowing a touch of personal style.

8. Dark Gray Blazer and Black Pants

Dressing appropriately for a viewing involves choosing a classic and polished look, such as a dark gray blazer and black pants. The dark gray blazer exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. Pair it with a white or light-colored dress shirt for a timeless appearance. Choose well-fitted black pants to maintain a formal tone, and complete the outfit with black leather dress shoes. Pay attention to details, ensuring the blazer is tailored and shoes are clean for a polished and respectful look.

9. Navy Suit with White Dress Shirt

When considering what to wear to a viewing, a navy suit with a white dress shirt is a classic and timeless combination. The dark blue suit conveys professionalism and versatility, suitable for various types of funerals. Paired with a crisp white shirt, the ensemble creates a clean and polished look. Opt for a simple tie in muted tones and complete the outfit with black or brown leather dress shoes. This combination strikes a balance between formality and understated elegance, ensuring you present yourself respectfully at the occasion.


Choosing the right attire for a funeral viewing is a meaningful way to express respect for the departed and support for their grieving family. Whether opting for the traditional black suit or exploring alternatives like a navy blazer with khaki pants, the key is to strike a balance between formality and comfort. By adhering to these detailed guidelines, men can ensure they are appropriately attired for the solemn occasion, conveying sympathy and respect without compromising on style.

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