How to Create a Website With Wix: Step-By-Step & Tips (2023)

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Wix is among the easiest website builders to use, helping take a small business from internet zero to internet hero. In fact, our team of reviewers rank it the best website builder for beginners, thanks to all its features, tools, and templates.

While it may be easy to use, there are still a few steps you'll need to take before you can begin designing your ideal website. You'll have to sign up for Wix, add a domain name, and customize your site with an online editing tool, among other steps. We'd recommend you don't delay as a website earns you credibility, helps your supporters, and allows you to connect with the 5.18 billion internet users around the globe.

Below, we'll highlight the seven steps to know when building a website on Wix, our testing process, and general tips on the best builder for you.

In this guide:

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  • Is Wix Right for Your Business?
  • How Did We Test Wix?
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How to Create a Website With Wix

Website builders are designed to gently guide users through the process. Here's what to know about using Wix:

1. Set up a Wix account

Wix makes it easy to get started. Just click the “Create Your Website” button on the top righthand side of most pages on the Wix website. Then enter your personal information (email and password), and answer a few questions (is the site for you or a client? What are your goals?). You'll then be directed to your own dashboard.

2. Pick a plan

Wix starts at $16 per month for the Light plan, which has most small business tools, and you can get ecommerce functionality with the Core plan, which starts at $27 per month. These prices are around the average, although some platforms cost far less: Hostinger has the cheapest entry cost, starting at just $2.69 per month (with our code “TECH”).

However, the number of features Wix has on offer more than makes up for the slight bump in cost: You'll benefit from lead capture forms, marketing automations, and 24/7 support across all Wix plans. More advanced plans include less-common functionalities like multiple currency support, centralized billing, and granular analytics.

The Core and Business plans are likely best for most users, but there are a total of four options, including a 14-day free trial. You can learn more about the features and cost for each of them by checking out our Wix pricing guide.

3. Get a domain name

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The Wix Domain Name search bar.

If you don't have your own domain name, you'll be stuck with a subdomain that requires the “” suffix instead of something simple like, say, “” In addition to hurting your brand reputation, this will reduce SEO and make it harder to reach your audience.

Luckily, Wix sells domains as well. Just head over to the Wix website and you'll be able to search for an available domain.

4. Pick a template

Wix offers over 800 website templates. To choose, you'll need to know what type of website you're wanting to create. The options include:

  • Business Website (e.g. a restaurant or retail store)
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Blog
  • Entertainment Website
  • News Website
  • Portfolio
  • Event website (e.g. a wedding)

The type of online presence you need will determine which template works best. Once you know, visit the Wix template archive and search for relevant keywords using the search bar on the upper right-hand side. Then, pick the one that looks best.

5. Customize with Wix Editor or Wix ADI

It's likely you'll still need to tweak the website to fit your needs. Researching similar websites to see what they do is a great start.

You could use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which will ask you a few questions before using your answers to generate a customized template. ADI will modify typefaces and generate designs to set your website apart from the crowd.

How to choose? Opt for Wix ADI if you don't have much experience, or if you want a simple, easy-to-understand website. If you want to stand out and you have the design know-how to do it, you should use the manual Wix Editor, for a personal touch.

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Adam Rowe Writer

6. Write your content

Next, you'll need to explain your website in your own words. You'll want to use the right search engine optimization (SEO), which is the term for the practices that make it easier for Google to send the right visitors to your website. The right keywords, formatting, or features like embedded videos can all help draw in readers.

Wix can help out again here: the service comes with its own set of SEO tools, complete with a dashboard just for them. With these tools, you can measure page impressions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, comparing them to previous periods to see if you are growing or losing an audience.

7. Preview your website

The Wix Editor includes a few important buttons on the top right-hand side: “Save,” “Preview,” and “Publish.” You'll probably do a lot of saving before it's ready to publish, and previewing your site is the one way to know that you're good to go.

By hitting the preview button you'll be able to see what a potential visitor sees. Is all the information clear? Are you directing them to the next action a visitor might want to take, such as buying an item or contacting you by email? What questions would a visitor be left with? Once you have your answers, you'll finally be ready to publish your website with Wix.

Is Wix Right for Your Business?

According to our impartial research, Wix is the best website builder overall, and a particularly great pick for beginners, thanks to its ease of use, depth of features, and great customer support.

Other builders are better for other needs, however, and might cost less overall. We'd recommend Shopify as the best ecommerce website builder, for example, due to better sales channel integrations than Wix. Squarespace emphasizes design and marketing tools, making it the top pick for customers who want a sleek look and can grow an audience.

How Did We Test Wix?'s research team rated and ranked all the top website builders on the market across five categories to determine how they compare.

Wix comes out on top, earning a strong overall score of 4.6/5, alongside a 95% approval rating. It has the most features, best support, and is the easiest to use, even when compared with other top picks, like Squarespace or Weebly.

Our reviews are entirely impartial, and draw on our in-house testing and research. To learn more about the alternatives available, you might want to check out our Wix comparison guides: Wix vs Squarespace andWix vs Shopify.

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Ease of Use

How simple, intuitive, and flexible is the software?


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Ready to Try Wix?

Wix has templates for nearly any website, it can guide you through the creation process, and has a great customer support team standing by to answer your questions.

Due to these benefits, our research team scores Wix a solid 4.8/5, making it our top-rated website builder. We believe you'll be satisfied with Wix.

However, if you're not sure, our second-place winner is Squarespace, which offers a great set of marketing tools and designs. To learn more about the benefits of Wix, Squarespace, and others, check out our free website comparison tool today.

Try Wix

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Yes, Wix hosts full-fledged websites that are as real as it gets. It will cost you at least $16 per month, though, but there is a 14-day free trial.

Building a decent website should just take one afternoon with the Wix website builder, which lets users pick from a range of templates and edit each page with simple drag-and-drop software.

Paid Wix plans start at $16 per month for a simple website, while it will cost you $27 per month for an ecommerce website. These prices are right around the industry standard for typical website costs.

Creating a website with Wix involves picking a type of template (ecommerce, photography, author showcase, or lots of other options) and then tweaking each page by adding or subtracting specific elements. It might sound complicated, but the Wix editor makes it simple.

Making a website from scratch isn't the norm for small business or independent creators, since it requires coding knowledge. With Wix and few other brands among the best website builders for beginners, you can create a website quickly. Another plus is that you can even host your domain through Wix as well.

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