14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (2024)

Cameroon food is widely recognized as one of the most varied on the African continent, reflecting the country’s varied landscapes and cultures. In reality, the country’s wide-ranging culinary traditions reflect the wide variety of its people, its geography, and its history.

African ingredients are used extensively, but there are also hints of German, French, and British cooking techniques and ingredients. Cameroon food that are the considered staples vary by region. While regional variations exist, staples like corn, millet, cassava, groundnuts (peanuts), potatoes, plantains, yams, and rice are common throughout the country.

The staple Cameroon dish is fufu is widely eaten in Cameroon. Fufu is a dish similar to paste made by boiling ground grain flour (ground corn, millet, cassava, or rice) and then cooling it. It is served with stewed meats or vegetables and is both a main dish and a vehicle for them.

Bushmeat (including porcupine, monkey, and snake meat) is a popular source of protein in the southern regions of Cameroon, while beef, lamb, goat, and chicken are more common in the northern regions. Meals in coastal areas often center around seafood.

The Cameroon food is cooked in banana leaves and steamed, grilled, or deep-fried. Fufu is a staple food in the African Diaspora and is typically served alongside corn, yams, beans, and plantains, all of which pair well with the proteins.

Peanuts, or groundnuts in Africa, are abundant in Cameroon and are used in a wide variety of Cameroon food regulars, including as a sauce for meats and vegetables, in stews, and in baked goods. One of the most stereotypically Cameroon food is the snacks including ground peanut butter on warm baguette or croissant.

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (1)

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes

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1. African Pepper Soup (Chicken) from African Bites

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (2)

African pepper soup is a delightful Cameroon, intensely flavored soup that is served throughout West Africa, especially in Nigeria, Cameroon and other neighboring African countries. The only ingredient that is inherently present in this Cameroon dish is – Pepper. The rest is fair game.

There is not just one kind of pepper soup in Africa. In fact, there are almost as many variations as there are cooks, with each one insisting on his or her take ,on this peppery soup, as the only authentic and unpretentious way to make it.

Yes! Even in my family, we all have our take on this soup. I don’t know about you but I include EVERY part of chicken in my soup – Feet and head too! And I nibble on them.

2. Cameroonian Plantain Porridge from Precious Core

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (3)

That is probably the longest post title I ever wrote! Well, the post title is this way because this Cameroonian plantain porridge is so loved among all of the Cameroon food that it has been nicknamed in many ways. It is called “born house planti”, “porridge planti” or “turning planti.” There’s even another version known as “sese planti”. By the way, planti is short for plantain.

Let’s talk about this insanely Cameroon dish, which also happens to be very culturally significant. It is a one-pot plantain dish, cooked with palm oil, spices and some form of leafy greens. And by some form of leafy greens, I mean bitterleaf which is traditionally used.

I substituted that with spinach due to the gross unavailability of bitterleaf in my life at this time. Actually, scratch that. I have bitterleaf in my kitchen but it is dried and lifeless. So I’d rather go with fresh spinach.

3. Koki Corn from Eat Well Abi

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (4)

Koki corn is a traditional Cameroon dish prepared with fresh corn ground and steamed in either the corn husk or banana leaves, like Mexican tamale, but without filling. This post will show you how to make this delicious steamed corn cake, substituting the husk/banana leaves with tin foil. This is useful if you can only get husked corn from the supermarket.

Corn is a staple Cameroon food in West Africa, and steamed corn recipes are commonly eaten. Corn moimoi, ekoki, and okpo oka are Nigerian examples which are similar to Cameroon koki corn. The differences between koki corn and these Nigerian dishes are that it is very simple and uses only a few ingredients.

4. Cameroonian Fried Spinach from All Recipes

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (5)

This Cameroon recipe was modified from Cameroon food I ate while in Africa. This Cameroon dish is traditionally served with a whole grilled chicken and grilled potatoes and plantains. You eat everything with your fingers! (it tastes much better that way).

5. Cameroon Beef Jollof Rice from African Bites

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (6)

Cameroon Beef Jollof rice – a popular West African one-pot dish that is bursting aromatic with flavors topped with mixed veggies and wide variety or protein for an incredible easy and hearty meal in a bowl!

Jollof rice is a legendary one-pot Cameroon dish that’s ubiquitous in Cameroon and popular elsewhere in West Africa. It is a fairly easy Cameroon food to make anywhere in the world because the ingredients are easy to find.

As with most African food each country, region and even households have put their own imprint on the recipe- from mixed vegetables to various choice of meat/ chicken or even a vegetarian style.

Jollof rice has a tendency of sticking to the pot and producing a burnt taste .There has been fierce dispute about what makes, Jellof rice unique some say it is the burnt taste others fiercely disagree- it just the combination of ingredients which makes for a great tasting meal.

6. Cameroonian Fish Rolls from Yummy Medley

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (7)

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside; fish rolls are a popular, tasty street snack in West Africa but the Cameroon fish roll is the best I’ve tasted thus far!

Well, years later I met some lovely Cameroonian girls in college, and one day, one of them offered me a fish roll. Before I saw what she had to offer, I cringed at the memory of the fish rolls I remembered as a kid, and tried to figure out how many bites I would need to endure to be polite.

When she presented the Cameroon fish rolls, they looked absolutely nothing like what the Cameroon dish I had as a child, and a bite of these “new” fish rolls changed my heart towards fish rolls all together.

7. Cameroonian Gateau from The Feed Feed

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (8)

Today I am showing you how I make a Cameroon food called a gateau – a doughnut-like snack that is sold on the streets, bakeries and in grocery stores in Cameroon. Now gateau literally means “cake” in French but these are not “cakes”.

In French, this would probably be referred to as “les beignets”. This snack is a glorified Cameroon food version of puff puff. This means that it is quite similar to puff puff but it thicker, richer and keeps longer.

When I published my Cameroon recipe for Gateaus, it was purely the result of an accident. Since then, I have tweaked and tested the original accidental recipe several times and I have made a few changes. I am publishing those changes here but I would like to leave my original recipe the way it is, in its pure unadulterated form because that recipe still works for many.

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8. Cameroon Food called Ndole from Naturayum

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (9)

Cameroon Ndole is a creamy, delicious and very popular Cameroonian dish. It is very much in demand for big celebrations and to welcome quality guests.

To cook Cameroon Ndole you need to take enough time into consideration because different ingredients need to be prepare beforehand. First, you start to prepare the peanut. The Cameroon dish is usually made with white peanuts (peanuts without their skin), but for the recipe, I am using the red one.

There is no problem with using red peanuts (with skin). The skin is known as being a source of vitamins, it is for aesthetic reasons that people use white peanuts. To prepare the peanuts, you need to either soak them overnight or boil them in water. When you boil the peanuts, let them cool down.

Then blend them with onion, leek, garlic, white pepper of Penja etc.. (see instructions below) using a blender.

9. Chin Chin (Cameroonian Croquettes) from Laviebami

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (10)

Today we’re traveling to my family’s home country: Cameroon. Croquettes also known as Chin Chin, Ross, Petit* Atchom*on or Mandazi in other African countries, are the Cameroon food acting as go-to appetizers for parties but can also be eaten as a snack, much like potato chips/crisp or peanuts.

They’re usually sold in small or large plastic bottles… which is why whenever a family member had just come back from the Continent, you could find at least a couple of 1,5L bottles filled with Croquettes in our home xD.

10. Cameroon Pork Curry from Good Food

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (11)

Cameroon food has lots of amazing choices, but this curry is one of those dishes that people outside the region hear about. Maybe because Africa has so few pork curries… or maybe because it is that good.

This Cameroon dish is like no other. Slow-simmered, slightly sweet and tangy, and full of rich, complex flavors, it’s got hidden depths that are completely different from your more well-known African curries. Try it, love it, repeat.

11. Creamy Coconut Soup from International Cuisine

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (12)

A lovely creamy coconut soup flavored with leeks. This Cameroon recipe for Coconut soup is perfect as a starter or would make a nice light lunch.

This Cameroon food is easy to make and really tasty. The coconut is subtle and adds a lovely creaminess to it. I added some hot pepper to spice it up a bit, it was a lovely soup. The combination of leeks and onions made for some great flavor.

Serve as part of your Cameroon food for dinner or it would make a wonderful lunch on its own some nice crusty bread.

12. Vitumba Cameroon (Gluten-Free Spiced Doughnuts) from Polkadot Passport

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (13)

Vitumba are a fragrant doughnut from Cameroon made from a batter of rice flour and coconut milk. Lightly spiced with cardamon and nutmeg, they are particularly delicious when served with a salted caramel dipping sauce.

It seemed like a great idea at the time, making doughnuts for the first time when we were having a bunch of guests over to our house. When researching Cameroonian cuisine, we came across these doughnuts called Vitumba, which were made from rice and coconut.

One of our brunch guests was vegan and gluten-free, so we figured it was the perfect recipe to whip up and *surely* it couldn’t be that difficult. Or so we thought. As you can probably tell by the photo below, not everything went smoothly in our kitchen that fateful morning.

13. Cameroonian-Style Squash, Peanut & Greens Stew from Gousto

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (14)

The inspiration for this aromatic stew comes from the Cameroon dish, ‘ndolé’, which is usually made with meat, prawns and greens. For this vegan twist, you’ll add roasted butternut squash instead, along with kale, spinach and peanuts for a nutty crunch.

14. Cameroon Poulet DG from Yummy Medley

14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (15)

Poulet DG, which means “chicken for the Director General”, is a delicious chicken and plantain Cameroon food that is usually served on special occasions in Cameroon and a totally perfect recipe for father’s day. It is almost father’s day here in the U.S., and as a daddy’s girl that loves to cook, I try to make a variety of dishes that I know my dad would love.

Recently, I have started to include some of my husband’s favorite dishes in my father’s day spread, and he has slightly different food preferences from my dad. This year, one of the dishes on my father’s day spread is this delicious Cameroon dish called Poulet DG. I decided to share this recipe as it combines favorites of my dad and husband in one dish, and I knew they will both enjoy it.

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14 Authentic Cameroon Food Picks With Easy Classic Recipes (2024)
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