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A Microwaved Society 1/6/2013
Do We Really Need Elders?
What Kind of Service Does God Expect of Us Part 1
What Kind of Service Does God Expect of Us Part 2
Are You A Christian or An American? 2/3/2013
Do I Have a Right to Protect Myself?
10 Reasons Our Kids Leave the Church Part 1 2/17/2013
10 Reasons Our Kids Leave the Church Part 2 2/24/2013
Challenge Accepted 3/3/2013
Are the Tides Changing? 3/10/2013
Will You Deny the Lord? 3/17/2013
A Generation of Esau's 3/24/2013
Identifying Marks of a Successful Gospel Meeting 3/31/2013
The Sin of Ranking Sin 4/7/2013
Don't Apologize, It's Bad for Your Health 4/14/2013
Song of Solomon
Duct Tape and Religion
The Pendulum Keeps Swinging 5/5/2013
How Do I Always Rejoice? 5/12/2013
I Didn't Know That Was In The Bible! 5/19/2013
Is The Church Not Relevant Enough? 5/26/2013
Today is the Greatest Day of Your Week! 6/2/2013
Tis the Season 6/9/2013
I Think I Can I Think I Can I Think I Canů 6/16/2013
Beating a Dead Horse 6/23/2013
What Would Jesus Drive? 6/30/2013
Leading With Purpose 7/7/2013
Leading With Purpose part 2: Teach Your Children About Faith
Leading With Purpose part 3: Teach Your Children About Hope
Leading With Purpose part 4: Teach Your Children About Love 7/28/2013
Leading With Purpose part 5: Teach Your Children About Purity 8/4/2013
Leading With Purpose part 6: Teach Your Children About Integrity 8/11/2013
Let Brotherly Love Continue 9/1/2013
Run to Finish 9/8/2013
A World Without God
Bible Study 9/15/2013
What Mark Are You Leaving?
The Gospel Meeting Approaches
What to Expect When Visiting the Grinnell church of Christ
The Humanity of Christ
Can You See the Handwriting on the Wall?
It is Time to Remove the Plank
While Others are Away
The Importance of a Good Fastener

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover
Another Year in the Books
Tis the Season
What is Worship?
Bulletin Archives 2013

The Light