The fair winding down and it wonít be long before school is back in session.  (Although for many here in Iowa it is already in session).  This means that the business of summer is giving way to the business of the school year.  As busy as summer can be, the school year certainly seems busier.  You have the actual school day which  consists of about 7 hours of time in the school building.  (I know when I was in school we had a rather long bus ride when my folks lived out town.  We got on the bus at  7 and didnít get home until after 4.)  This does not include homework, chores, after school activities, before school activities (practices, clubs, etc) and competitions and  games.  While parents can feel some since of relief on that they are no longer running children to all star games, babysitters, day cares, etc.  I know that the time really just switched out.  Now we have the after school practices, games, and such.  There is making certain the kid gets all the school work done and somewhere in the middle of all of this, to have ďqualityĒ time with the family. 
Time is a rare commodity during the school year.  Time to relax, time to take a breath, time to eat a healthy meal, time to eat as a family, time to worship God on Wednesday nights, time to read your daily bible reading.  At the end of the day, we are usually crashing, parent and child alike, wondering where the time went, how do we not have enough time in the day to get everything done and by the end of the 1st quarter we usually end up thinking, I need more time to take a break.  We are exhausted.
Our Lord knows your ďpain.Ē  While Jesus was here, he was constantly busy working.  He would travel into a town where the crowds would immediately meet him and he would began healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, and casting out demons.  In the midst of all of this, he would be found teaching.  Sometimes that teaching would fall upon the ears of the lost he were genuinely trying to correct their lives.  Other times he was teaching those that didnít want to be taught or who didnít think they needed taught.  Often times Jesus spent most of the night doing this work.  One such occasion is found in Mark 1.  Jesus spent much of the day and night doing what he could for the people.  Then in Mark 1:35 it says Jesus got up early the next morning, went to the mountain and prayed.  Jesus was busy filling his time with things that needed done.  He was busy helping others and he even filled his time focusing upon spiritual things.  To combat this hectic schedule Jesus on a number of occasions would send his apostles away.  Sometimes he sent them out two by two.  Sometimes he sent them out ahead of him.  But, it is interesting that most of these occasions that he sends out his apostles that the narrative almost immediately returns to the next time Jesus was among them.  While I do not want to jump too much into the realm of assumption, I do believe Jesus did this to have a quiet moment to himself.  Not to watch a game.  Not to catch up on some fishing, shopping, or gossip with the locals.  No, I believe he did this so that he could spend some time recharging his batteries in prayer mediation upon Godís word and Godís will for him.
As school starts back up again, I know it is going to be easy to spread yourself thin being busy with the myriad of activities that need done.  But, in the midst of all this business donít forget to take time to replenish yourself.  AND donít forget to teach your children to do the same.  So, what can I do?

1. Get up early in the morning.  I know that is hard to do, I am not exactly  a morning person myself. But, start your day off right by getting up early.  Take a moment to read a couple of verses (perhaps out of one of those daily reading devotionals) and pray.  Start your day with prayer.  Start your day off getting your bearings straight.
2. Take a Sabbath.  I know the Sabbath Day is not commanded under the new law.  However,  I do encourage you to make time for a break once a week.  It doesnít have to be all day, but do as Jesus did.  Get away from the hectic life.  Put life on pause and take a break.  Use this time for a much deeper devotion period.  Read for an hour, really pour your heart out to God for an hour.  Something that enables you to get personal with God during the busy times in your life.
3.  Go away.  Jesus sent life away at times.  IT wasnít every day.  It wasnít every week.  But, there were times when he sent everyone away.  While we canít tell our neighbors to leave, it is not a bad thing to pack it up for a Saturday and tell the wife/husband and kids today is a free day.  Today we arenít doing yard work.  We arenít going to practice, etc. Today is family day.  Shut the phones off and build up your family. -WTK

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