It is difficult for me to comprehend the fact that today I celebrate my 13th year as a father.  It doesn’t seem possible that I had 13 different times that my children (often with Dawn’s help) have honored me on this day.  And yet, I cannot help but to feel woefully inadequate much of the time.
I remember the how terrified I was the first time I held Autumn in my hands.  She was so tiny, so helpless, and God had given her to me a goofy, bumbling, accident prone guy he broke more things in his life than he ever fixed.  How was I supposed to raise a child?  But, I also remember how that fear moved me to seek advice on what I needed to do and more importantly what I needed to be.  I looked to the greatest Father I knew.  My Lord, My God, My Creator.  I looked at his lessons and realized that in order to be a legitimate hero to my daughter, in order to be the father she would need me to be (and ultimately all my children would need me to be) and needed to follow the lessons found in the life of Noah.
To Be A Hero We Need to Be Involved In Our Kid’s Lives.  Too many fathers these days are taking a back seat to raising their children.  They expect their wives to do a great deal of the “baby stuff.”  They expect school to do the primary education work, Sunday school to take care of the spiritual teaching (if there is any) and television to do the babysitting.  Noah, was involved in his kid’s lives.  This doesn’t mean that he was at all their ballgames.  While the Genesis account doesn’t go into great detail explaining what happened in his home while his children were young, I believe that it does a fine job of explaining what happened as a result of his relationship with his children as they were growing up.  The bible tells us that they were on the ark with him.  In a world that thought only evil continually, Noah found a way to raise God-fearing children.
To Be A Hero We Need To Our Children About God’s Will.  Noah as called a preacher of righteousness (II Pet. 2:5).  He job was to teach others about the impending judgment upon the world. (Earlier, I mentioned the fact that many fathers think that getting their kids “churched” is all that it takes to be a good father.  I recall a sermon by Al Diestkamp that alluded to these need in the modern father. He spoke of how he remembered the bible studies he had growing up with his father.  He then told us that his father felt that they didn’t have enough of them.  His children didn’t recall the ones missed.  They recalled the ones they received.  When your children are raised, are they going to remember you for getting them “churched” or will they remember you for teaching them about the will of God.  As Paul taught in Eph. 6:4 “Fathers raise your children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.”  He didn’t say mothers.  He didn’t say parents.  He didn’t say bible class teachers.  He said fathers.  This is your task, your responsibility.
To Be A Hero We Must Show Our Children God is The Priority in Our Lives.  Noah spent more than a year on the ark.  I cannot imagine how “stir crazy” he must have been getting.  Sure, he had chores to do.  Sure, it is not like the ark was a tiny 1300 square foot home with all of these animals packed into it.  But, a year without going out for a walk.  A year without some peace and quiet. A year since he last “got away.”  A year since he last tasted fresh vegetables.  And do you know what he did first?  He built an altar and worshipped God (Noah 9:20).  Do your children see this in you.  It is summer time, vacation season is upon us, do your children see that God is a priority?  Or, when on vacation do your children see you take a vacation from being a Christian?  Do you drink, curse, cease going to services?  When family comes to town do they see you making God the priority or is he put on the backburner so that no one would be offended by your faith?
To Be A Hero We Will Must Correct Our Children’s Failures.  Some parents are so afraid that their child’s feelings might get hurt they do all they can to assure that their “emotional well being” is secure.  In doing so, not only do they protect their children from failure by rewarding them with 1st place ribbons and trophies for participating.  They also shield their children by refusing to correct them.  When Ham sinned against Noah, Noah rebuked him for it.  No, our children are not going to thank you while they are spanked.  However, one day, if you live right as a father, our children, not just on Father’ Day, but some random Tuesday is going to call just to say thank you.


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Be a Hero to Your Kids

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