One of the first things the bible reveals about Godís feelings about man after his creation was that it was not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18).  Shortly thereafter, God brought every beast of the field, and every bird in the sky and brought them to man.  A suitable companion was not found for man among the animal kingdom (Gen. 2:20).  God then brought man a wife.  He formed her out of Adamís own flesh.  The two would then by married and they would again become one flesh. 
Being that Genesis is one my favorite books in the bible I have spent many long days and nights mulling over the ramifications of verse 18Ö it is not good for man to be alone.  God did not say that man wouldnít want to be alone.  He didnít say that man would always want a companion.  He said that it was not good for him to be in that condition.  Being alone is not a good place to be found. Sure, for those that suffer with depression or anxiety loneliness can be a hard one ally.  You often donít want the company of others.  Those of us that suffer through it want to be left alone, especially by those that donít ďget it.Ē  However, we often get frustrated that we again are all alone.  It is not good for us to be there.  Bad things happen to us when we are alone.  This is what God is trying to explain to us.
When we are alone, temptations get strong.  In Matt. 4 we find the story of Jesusí time alone in the wilderness.  For forty days he wandered in the wilderness fasting (and I assume praying).  At the end of the forty days he was tempted by the devil three times.  Satan tempted him to misuse his power for selfish purposes.  He tempted him to misuse his identity for selfish purposes.  And then, he tempted him to choose a simpler life.  As we know, Jesus didnít fall prey to the temptation.  Why did the devil choose then to tempt Jesus?  I think in part, it was because he was alone.  Now, I realize that Jesus wasnít truly alone.  God was with him.  (But, the same can be said of man when he is alone. And God even, in that condition said, ďit is not good for man to be alone.  Satan did the same thing with Eve.  When she was alone was when she was tempted.  I have often wondered what that conversation would have been like had Adam and Eve both been there to tell the serpent that Godís law would not be violated that day. WTK
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It Is Not Good For Us To Be Alone

The Light
Volume 7 Issue 24