On Mother’s Day last week I read an interesting article.  It was written by a person who had no children of her own.  She couldn’t have children, even though she desperately wanted one of her own.  She was petitioning elders and preachers to not offer a universal “Happy Mother’s Day” to mothers in the announcements or to offer a special “Mother’s Day” sermon.  I initially saw things from her perspective.  There are many out there that are in her shoes.  Mother’s Day is a difficult day for her.  To her, having others offer well wishes to mothers could be hurtful.  Then I began to realize I had become prey to the politically correct world of modern America.  She was encouraging me, since I am a preacher, to not tell others Happy Mother’s Day because her feelings might get hurt.  She was encouraging me not to honor someone else because she cannot be honored in that group that she so desperately desired to be a part of.
At what point does it stop?  Do I avoid preaching a lesson on mother’s on May 22nd?  It is just a regular Sunday.  There is nothing special going on, on that day.  But, if a lesson about mothers gets that person worked up would I therefore need to be careful about upsetting her any other time?  Should I not preach lessons about fatherhood because someone’s father had passed away and he might be brought to sorrow thinking about his father who is no longer here?  If I continue to avoid subjects because someone gets emotional over one subject or another I am going to run out of subjects to preach on. 
Not only will lessons about family be removed, but so will lessons that step on toes.  I would have to be careful to not tell someone what bathroom they are permitted to use.  Over the last several months North Carolina has been under a great deal of pressure because of the bathroom law that was instilled.  It basically said if you are a man then use the men’s restroom.  If you are a woman, then yes the woman’s restroom (although it is amazing how few women are fighting for the right to use the men’s restroom).  According to one Transgender crisis hotline in North Carolina they saw a massive spike in crisis calls.  People were contemplating suicide because they were told what bathroom they could or couldn’t use.  I am generally a very empathetic person.  I always do my best to see things from other people’s perspective, but this is beyond me.  I cannot understand how we have become a society that is so thin skinned that people are contemplating suicide because someone essentially told them no.  What would happen if such a person were to hear a sermon about God’s will for marriage?  What would happen if such a person were to hear about the deeds of the flesh? The sins mentioned in I Cor. 6:9-11?  Am I am to live in fear that they might not react the in the best way so I shouldn’t say anything?
Here is another scary thought.  The politically correct world wants you to believe that if you live politically correct you are actually being selfless, understanding, compassionate, etc.  But the truth is, the politically correct world is selfish.  It doesn’t really care what you think.  It doesn’t care what you want.  It doesn’t even really care how you feel.  The politically correct world wants you to only be concerned with how the other person feels.  (I get it, on the surface it sounds good).  But, the politically correct world is only interested in the feelings of those that are living in sin!  You cannot tell a woman that she cannot be a preacher lest you be accused of oppressing women.  You cannot tell a practicing homosexual that they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven lest you be accused of being a homophobe.  You cannot ask for your state to protect women and children by keeping men out of the women’s restroom lest you be accused of being a biggot.  When selfishness is disguised as selflessness and uses fear tactics to keep people in line it really isn’t selflessness is it.  And yet, Millennials actually believe this is loving behavior. 

Yes, I fear for the church.  If we fail to instruct our children about genuine love, the truth, true selflessness the church will suffer.  I won’t say it won’t be around, but the one here in Grinnell might not.  The churches in the states might not.  (Sure they might call themselves churches of Christ, but that doesn’t mean that God recognizes them). 

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Political Correctness is Ruining the Church

The Light
Volume 7 Issue 20