Tonight the top two teams in that nation will compete for the crowning achievement of every kid that straps on a helmet and tosses the pigskin around in the back yard.  The Carolina Panthers, led by a young brash quarterback will take on the Denver Broncos and the legendary Peyton Manning.  By the end of the game legends will become even more epic.  Stars will be born and heroes will arise victorious.  And the impressionable youth of America (and technically the world) will have no players that they will long to be.
I remember as a kid pretending I was Mike Singletary chasing my brother down for another tackle.  He dreamed of being Barry Sanders as he tried to cut past me.  Our neighbor thought he was Jerry Rice as he took off on crisp routes making nice catches all over the yard.  We wanted to be just like these guys.  We dreamed of what it would be like to play in the NFL.  I can even remember having conversations about how we would play of free if it meant we could live out the dream of being in the NFL. 
As I grew older those dreams diminished.  As I grew wiser I realized that these men were not the greatest heroes.  Some have abused their spouses.  Some have beaten their children.  Some have been tried for murder.  These are not the men I want the youth of America looking to and saying, ďIf I could be like him.Ē  Now, I am not saying donít enjoy the game tonight.  I know I will be.  (It is easier to do when I donít have to worry about whether or nor my Bears can actually win).  But, I encourage you to watch in with the right perspective.  Any one of us can allow this game to take a bigger role in our lives than it should.
These men are hardly heroes.  Real heroes are found in the bible.  Real heroes are found putting their lives on the line for the good of others, even perfect strangers.  Tonight, these are just guys playing a game for our entertainment.
Remember it is just a game.  At the end of the day, few of us are going to actually remember the outcome of this Superbowl.  But, more importantly whether the Broncos win or the Panthers win, in the end it doesnít matter.  Even if one of these teams is YOUR team it is not going to make your life better just because they won.  You wonít get paid more, you wonít lose your house, and your marriage wonít be strengthened.  And more importantly, the forgiveness of your sins is not contingent upon the outcome of this game.  As such, donít get too hung up on it.  Because while you life wonít get better because of this game, it can get worse depending upon your attitude.  If you spend the game cursing the TV and throwing things because Manning has thrown another pick or Cam Newton cannot manage to hit an open receiver, you are putting your soul in jeopardy.  If you yell at your wife because she asked you to take out the trash before halftime, you are hurting your marriage.
It is not as important as the worship of God.  While I realize that here at the Grinnell church of Christ we don not currently have a Sunday evening service, that doesnít mean that all of our readers donít.  I can recall when the Bears played Indianapolis for the Superbowl that there were churches in Indianapolis that cancelled services that night.  Some of them even tried to, instead of worshipping God, watch the game in the auditorium.  (I believe the NFL banned them because they didnít have a license to broadcast the game).  God forbid we ever put a game above the glorification of God.  God forbid we ever take something so trivial as a game and make it more important to us that God himself.  That Bears Superbowl started in the middle of our worship hour.  It was back before we could pause live TV and record the games right there on our TVs.  I have  VHS recorder.  I waited until the game was over (4 hours after it started before I turned it on).  Now, I didnít watch it live.  But that was okay.  I worshipped a living God and I know that I went to bed that night (even though my Bears lost) feeling good about how I spent my day!
DonĎt waste your money.  It amazes me what people are willing to waste money on.  You apparently can not only bet on the winner of the game.  You can bet on different scores at different points of the game.  Which team will score 1st, which player will score the 1st point, which team will get sacked first etc.  But you can also bet on the coin flip, how long the national anthem will take and a slew of other really dumb and wasteful uses of your money.  Donít get sucked in to those things.   

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Superbowl Sunday

The Light
Volume 7 Issue 8