Tomorrow, I imagine several of you reading this article will be participating in the Iowa caucus tomorrow night.  As a relatively new resident to Iowa, this will only be the second caucus I have attended.  I am kind of excited about the opportunity to participate in this again.  (I haven’t been excited about the never ending political phone calls, but the end is in sight.)  I remember from my first caucus that the voting base was clearly upset with the direction our country was headed.  There was heated discussion on what the role of government was.  There was heated discussion on what direction the party should go in; that is, what should the parties platform be.  And, of course, there was plenty of discussion on the candidates running for the office of President.
From the looks of the media, debates that I have watched it appears to me that the voting base is more upset with the direction of our country that it was 4 years ago.  And as it is seems to be “natural” these days, many in our world, including those that call themselves Christians, are ready to draw battle lines.  Many have flat out called out Christians who would dare vote for candidate X.  Others proclaiming that candidate Y is the only candidate that can actually fix this nation and anyone who votes otherwise is a fool.  And still some think that if you get hoodwinked by candidate Z then you the biggest fool of all. 
Whether you go and make your voice her tomorrow night or you choose to stay home and try to avoid all the hubbub, I want you to remember this very important point.  Jesus is King!  I know, we don’t have a king here in America (we ran kingdoms clean out of our country).  However, we do have a ruling “class.”  We have career politicians who have made it their life’s work to rule/govern the rest of us.  (Those like Clinton and Bush are great examples).  We might grow tired or even frustrated with the direction they are taking our nation.  We might become even worried that some of our religious freedoms are taken away.  But, remember, Paul reminded those that had kings that already had removed religious freedoms removed from their country that Jesus is King!
The 1st century political world was very much against Christianity.  The Jews in Jerusalem were trying to destroy Christianity even from its 1st inception.  The warned the apostles to stop preaching about Jesus.  They even beat them for continuing to preach in Jesus name.  Then, when Stephen was martyred only about 4 years after the church was established.  This opened the door to massive persecution by the “ruling class.”  Within 30 years, Rome was involved in the persecution of Christians as Nero spearheaded an assault on Christians by blaming them for burning Rome (although most historians believe that Nero himself had caused the fire).  30 years later Christians were again singled out by Domitian.  This time they were put to death because they refused to worship Caesar as a god.  The truth is, Christianity was not a government protected religion until the 4th century.  In that very political world, Paul reminded Christians, especially those in Rome that Jesus is king. 
“To them belong the patriarchs, and from their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ who is God over all, blessed forever.(Rom. 9:5).”  He is indeed Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  But, what does that mean for me in 21st century America?
If/When you gather tomorrow night.  If you seem to have your voice heard, if no one listens stop worrying.  If at the end of the caucus you walk out frustrated that your candidate wasn’t chosen, stop worrying.  When at the caucus if you are met face to face with someone that sorely disagrees with your political stance, don’t worry about it.  Don’t think him/her a fool.  Don’t say something that you know  you are going to regret.  Take a big deep breath and remember Jesus is king.
I do want America to be great again.  I miss the days when buying American meant something.  I miss the days when flying the American flag wouldn’t get you the ire of the homeowners association.  I miss the days when calling our enemies our enemies was not called hateful.  I miss the days when rooting for America to win gold medals was the “cool” thing to do.  But, I don’t desire those things more than I desire to be at home with my God in heaven.  A such, we need to remember, that we are citizens of a much greater, more important kingdom.  Let us not forfeit that citizenship by forgetting who we are tomorrow night.

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Jesus is King

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