By now, you should be accustomed to the bulletins which follow our Gospel Meetings.  Typically I mention how many visitors we have had over the course of the meeting.  I encourage you to continue talking to any visitors that you personally invited.  After all, if they came any portion of the meeting they showed two things.  First, they valued your opinion about what might be beneficial for them to hear.  And secondly, they should themselves to be spiritually minded.  After all, there are plenty of things that they could have easily distracted themselves with over the course of the week.  There are ball games to watch, yard work to do, season premiere are on TV and so forth.  And yet, they came to the services at least one time.  But, I am going to turn the tables a little bit, and rather than not wasting the opportunity to reach out and talk to your friends and family, I donít want you to waste the opportunity you had to better yourselves.
This whole week we have heard lessons on the beatitudes of Matt. 5.  I know that I have preached several lessons on this subject in my time as a preacher.  And I know that I have heard several lessons at various gospel meetings in my lifetime.  But, familiarity does not necessarily mean that I am practicing what the bible is teaching concerning these things.  The Beatitudes are ďBe Attitudes.Ē  They are attitudes that need to be found in us.  Christ was not saying that it is simply good to be meek every now and then.  He was not saying that some Christians will hunger and thirst for righteousness.  He was not saying that certain God fearing people will be peacemakers.  Each of these attitudes or qualities are what make up a child of God.  If I donít hunger and thirst for righteousness I will never be pure in heart.  If I am not meek, I cannot be a peacemaker.  If I am do not view myself as being in poor in spirit and in desperate need of the riches of Godís grace, I will never learn to mourn over my sins.  And most importantly, if I cannot find it in my heart to be this type of person I cannot expect to find Godís grace in my hour of need.  My challenge to you this week is to find someway to show these attitudes in your life this week. 
At some point this week, today would be a good start, I want you to spend more than 5 minutes in prayer with God.  I want you to talk to him about your sins.  I want you to be open and honest (brutally honest) with God about your sins.  Admit the fact that you are nothing with out him.  Donít use my words, I donít want you to just repeat some prayer.  I want you to open your heart and as reflect upon the fact that you desperately need the riches he provides.  (To help you do this, read Rev. 3:14-22). 
At some point this week, I want you to apologize to someone you have wronged.  It needs to be a real apology.  Donít just say that you are sorry.  I want you to explain to the person how it made you feel, why you need their forgiveness.  Why it is wrong to do what you did.  And I want you to offer to do whatever it takes to make it right.  Keep in mind that this person may be a member of the church.  It may be your husband, your wife, your child, parent, etc. 
Be meek throughout the week.  Donít let your feathers get all ruffled.  Whatever happens at work, whatever happens in the home.  No matter how many legos you might step on, keep a calm demeanor.  Let others see in you that your world doesnít come unglued because things donít go your way.
Every day this week I want you to study Godís word.  Pick a book of the bible, pick a topic, something and study it out each night.  As you do, pray about it.  Ask God to give you wisdom.  Learn to thirst and hunger for Godís wisdom, Godís word.
Forgive everyone that wrongs you.  Donít wait for an apology.  If a person lies to you forgive them.  If a person slanders you forgive them.  If a person takes credit for a job you have done forgive them.  If you happen to be a person that gets apologized to be certain to show mercy and forgive.  Weep with them, pray with them or for them.
Everyday take a stronger stance against your vices, your temptations, your sins.  Stop giving in so easily.  When the temptations grow strong bow your heart in prayer.  Stop thinking, ďI can ask for forgiveness later.Ē Stop saying, ďtomorrow Iíll change.Ē
And finally, bring peace to where peace is not found.  If you see to people fighting, arguing or not talking to each other because they are hurt, try to bring peace to that relationship.  Remember, Jesus didnít walk around thinking, ďnot my job.Ē  Those that follow his example wonít either.            -WTK

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