As a sports fan in Illinois it was almost natural to grow up a fan of all things that are Chicago. Even when the teams were not performing well, the teams were always on the television.  I grew up having the Cubs, the White Sox, the Blackhawks, the Bulls, and the Bears were on year round.  In fact, I can't think of too many days in my childhood that I couldn't turn the television on and being able to watch one of these teams.  While I am not a huge fan of each of them, I am familiar with their history.
Right now, the sports teams in this state are in a downward spiral.  Both the White Sox and the Cubs saw legends of their teams pass away this past month.  Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, was the 1st African-American to play for the Cubs.  Minnie Minoso, dubbed Mr. White Sox by our President, was the 1st African-American to play baseball for the White Sox.  They were not just faces in a crowd, but legends of the sport and did it much the same way that Frank Robinson did.  They did it with class and dignity.  To lose such men has certainly put a dark cloud over the city.
However, that is not all that has happened.  Bulls point guard and former league MVP, Derrick Rose suffered another injury to his knee (his third in the last three years).  His career is now in jeopardy.   The Blackhawks in the same week lost Patrick Kane, their best player, for the remainder of the season.  This past week another all-star on the Blackhawks felt the need to address the media because of rumors swirling about his personal rift in the locker room.  (It is never a good thing when someone feels the need to publicly address such issues).  The Bulls and Blackhawks both were considered favorites to win the Championship this year. Now, they will be lucky to make the post-season, let alone win the whole thing.
For die-hard sports fans in Chicago the sky is falling.  But, this is not a sports newsletter.  This a weekly bulletin for the local church.  So, why do I invest so much time and space to such “news.”  Because in Chicago, on Facebook, on twitter, it is easier to find information on this subject than to find information concerning God.  It is easier to find information concerning these events than to find what the local preachers in Chicago were preaching on this past Lord's Day. 
Yes, I get it, our media, our world is obsessed with sports.  I get it, sports are a multi-billion dollar industry in this world.  I get it, sports are recreation and the bible isn't.  I get it, there are more sports fans than there are members of the Lord's church.  The question I ask, is, “Are we doing enough to get the message out there?”  “Do we make it easy for those in our own community to get their hands upon God's word?”
Sure, we can always put posts up on our Facebook account.  Sure, we can always put out twitter notices.  Sure, we can leave
tracts in places around town. Sure, we can take fliers for the upcoming Gospel Meeting and pass them around town.  These are all good things to do.  However, how often does God proceed from our lips?  When you go out to eat, do others notice you saying a prayer.  When at work, do your co-workers know that you are a Christian?  Do you find opportunities to bring up your faith (even if it is something as simple as saying I don't believe in drinking).  Do your class-mates know that you are a Christian?  I am not saying that you need to be preaching a sermon every time you turn around.  But, are his words on your lips?  “With my lips have I declared All the ordinances of thy mouth (Psa. 119:13).”  Do you know why the Psalmist said that his lips would declare the ordinances of God?  It was because he set his whole heart to seek God (Psa. 119:10).  It was because he stored up God's word in his heart (Psa. 119:11).  Because the Psalmist sought God and treasured God's word which could keep him pure (Psa. 119:9), he couldn't help but share that good news.  It flowed from his lips.  He talked about it because he was consumed by it.
My friends, what you spend time talking about proves what consumes you.  If you are constantly talking about sports then guess what consumes your heart?  If you are constantly talking about movies then guess what consumes your heart?  If you are constantly talking about Magic Mike or  50 Shades of Gray then guess what your heart is consumed by.  My friends, if you want to see a change in what our world deems important, then spend some more time in the word so that it might flow forth from your lips.

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Do Your Lips Declare the Ordinances of God?

The Light
Volume 6 Issue 12