This past month I participated in and completed a 100 mile challenge (that is I was supposed to run 100 miles in the month of November).  As the month came to a conclusion several of us were wondering what our next challenge out to be.  It was suggested that we do a running scavenger hunt.  Someone would need to compile a list of common (or no so common depending on how difficult we wanted the challenge to be) things we might see while running in the month of December.  As my mind is always finding a way to put a spiritual spin upon things, I was wandering what a spiritual scavenger hunt might look like.  That is, if I were to compile a list of things that you should see other people doing to build their relationship with God, but may not see all that often for we as a nation are drifting into a more and more secular society.
During the Holiday season it is not uncommon for people to be eating out more.  Many will be out Christmas shopping and grab a bite to eat at McDonalds or some sit down restaurant instead of rushing home to make something there. If this happens to you, how many people do you think will say a prayer before they eat?  When I was a child it was not that uncommon to find people bowing their heads in prayer before eating, even when they were eating out.  Today, I don’t see that nearly as often.  In fact, I recall one time we were eating out that someone bought my families dinner because we said a prayer before we ate.  They too had not seen that very often and felt compelled to do a good deed for someone trying to do what is right in the sight of God.  While we shouldn’t expect free meals because we pray before we eat, we should still be setting a good example for others to see.  If we are used to praying at home before we eat, why would that change when we are in public?  Daniel, even when a law was made to prevent him from praying, didn’t change his habit, even if it meant someone was watching.  Neither should we.
I had a friend in college who used to go to public places and read his bible.  He would do this in hopes of starting a conversation with someone about Christ.  How often do you see this today?  When is the last time you were sitting in the break room and noticed someone reading their bible.  In a pamphlet written by a Baptist pastor he was trying to inspire his parishioners to be more studious.  He spoke of how “Church of Christers” knew their bibles.  He spoke of how they were always reading.  Sadly, this simply isn’t the case anymore.  Many of us don’t read the bible at home, let alone reading the bible while we are on break.  (That is not to say that someone of you aren’t).  All I mean is that reading the bible, even in public, should not be out of the ordinary for the Christian.  I mean, when we get a “break” at work, why should we fill it with sports talk, celebrity gossip, etc.  After all, that is usually what we are talking about while working any ways.
Speaking of what we are talking about, how often do you hear conversations at work centered upon Christ?  Even this time of the year when people’s minds are at least a little more spiritually minded, to hear conversations about Christ are not really that common.  Just because someone is talking about their Christmas shopping experience doesn’t mean that they are talking about Christ.  I realize that your place of employment likely has rules and regulations about sharing one’s faith on the job.  I am not encouraging you to put your job at risk by talking all the time about religion.  However, your place of employment is likely not the only place and time you are in a public location.  I encourage you to start a conversation with someone about Christ.  (I on more than one occasion have talked scriptures with someone standing in Wal-mart).  It didn’t feel weird.  It didn’t feel out of place.  (Although Dawn wondered how a quick trip to get diapers turned into an hour long departure).
The world’s largest scavenger hunt is the Amazing Chase.  Competitors will travel all across the world in hopes of finding what is on their “list.”  But, the reward given at the end of that race is nothing compared to the most important race any of us can run.  The reality is, whether or not we accept an invitation to this race we are in it.  And the items on our “hunt” list are things that we need to be doing.  Jesus stated that we need to be willing to confess him before man (Luke 12:8).  This means that we cannot be ashamed of admitting who we are.  We cannot be ashamed of talking to others about Christ.  We cannot be ashamed of being called a Christian. 


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A Spiritual Scavenger Hunt

The Light
Volume 6 Issue 1