We are now a couple of weeks removed from the midterm elections and being here in Iowa we are already hearing the next presidential race heating up.  Several candidates have already made it known that they are running and the speculation for a dozen more is already heating up.  We also have seen our current president make several comments about what it will mean to work with the new congress and we have seen threats (likely empty ones) on both sides of the fence on what someone might do or might not do.  While there have been changes in the make up in Washington, what I see is business as usual.  Sadly, for many Americans, they have placed their trust into this broken system.
The answer to America’s problems is not found in the constitution.  The answer to America’s problems is not found in the White House.  The answer to America’s problems is not found in the new elected members of the Senate or House.  The answer is not found in some person who has yet to be elected.  I came to this conclusion about 6 years ago.  My eyes were finally opened to what was going on.  Obama was being heralded as a savior.  People flocked to hear him speak.  They wanted to know what he knew.  They trusted in him.  Many didn’t know why they should trust in him, but they knew they had to.  For some, they were convinced that their economic woes would be answered with the right man in office.  Videos surfaced of being getting excited about the opportunity to get some of that “Obama money.”    For others, it was the fact that their health was waning and having a person in office pushing for national healthcare seemed to be the answer.  They absolutely trusted him without knowing really anything about him.  I heard media outlets stating things about how he came out of the Chicago matching unscathed.  And yet, no one knew much about him, especially those not in Illinois.  I had people knock on my door encouraging me to vote for the man, calling me racist, and bigoted because I couldn’t support his values system.  When I asked if they knew what he stood for, they had no answer.  Yes, he was the newly anointed savior of our nation.  He was supposed to end the recession.  He was supposed to end the divide in Washington.  He was supposed to be The Answer to our nations problems.
And all the problems he was supposed to answer are still problems.  People are still vastly underemployed.  Healthcare is more unaffordable than it has ever been.  And our nation is more divided now than it was 6 years ago.  The reason our nation struggles and continues to struggle is that we are convinced, as a nation, they the answer to our problems is found in a man living in the 21st century.
Things are not going to get better.  There I said it.  In fact, until we place our trust in man that lived 2000 years ago things will continue to get worse.
I was speaking with a sister in Christ this past week about a  sermon she heard at a lectureship.  The preacher spoke of the state of union.  From what she said the preacher said, I couldn’t agree more.  Our nations leaders are responsible for the mess we are in.  It is their fault that our recession has lingered, but more importantly it is their fault we have such moral decay.  While we may not believe it, moral decay is the reason why nations fall.  Take the time read about the rise and fall of Rome.  The more morally decrepit they became the more the nation fall apart.  It was not just because they were killing Christians.  It was because their leaders were corrupt in every way.  They molested children, stole from the poor, used military might to push people around, and rather than discussing their differences they used violence to end those differences (the number of Caesars murdered is staggering).  I tremble every time I read of Rome’s downfall because it is happening right here in America.  We could even look at Israel itself and see that when they had a good king the nation succeeded.  When they had kings like Ahab they nation struggled.  As the leader goes the leader, so goes the nation.
But, in our nation our leaders are elected.  We can clamor all day long about how we need godly men in office.  But, our nations leaders are a reflection of our nation.  That is, our nations leaders are chosen because they hold similar values to the majority of the voting citizens.  In other words, they reflect who we are.  While I believe a good leader can help to swing our nation towards morality, we won’t get the leader until we start teaching our neighbors to be morally righteous.  We can’t rely upon trickle down morality.  It won’t happen.  The church didn’t get strong because Constantine was a Caesar.  It was strong because people shared the Gospel message with others.  You really want to save the nation stop telling them to vote Republican or Democrat.  Tell them to vote Jesus Christ!  -WTK

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