Over the last several weeks in our classes on Sunday morningís we have been discussing I Cor. 6:9-11.  In fact, today marks the 4th Sunday we have taken time to discuss the sins listed here in this chapter.  As I have been preaching the gospel for over 11 years I have spent time in numerous sin lists throughout the years.  It is hard not to as they are found in I Corinthians, Romans, Galatians, I Timothy, Revelation and others.  I cannot think of any occasion when I spent a month to cover them in a bible class.
If you were to tell me a month ago that we would spend a month on these three verses I would be immediately alarmed.  More often than not when discussing sins with Christians for this lengthy period of time the subject takes a turn in a direction I get concerned with.  Either someone is seeking to defend their own sinful ways or someone is spending time doing nothing more than bashing sinners as they pat themselves upon the back as they thanked God that we are not like other sinners.
And yet, over the course of the last several weeks I havenít really seen that.  What I have seen are a group of Christians concerned with the direction society is headed and how we can teach them, help them, and show them the way to Christ.
We spent one Sunday discussing the ways the world is trying to deceive people into thinking that living in sin is okay.  We discussed the reality that many churches are accepting sinful practices as if it doesnít matter.  We discussed how we can show through the scriptures that Godís word is authoritative.  We discussed how we can use these passages to help people trust in Godís word to guide them, rather than the wisdom of the world.
We spent another good part of a class discussing specifically the sin of homosexuality.  Rather than seeing a group of Christians explaining how ignorant, sinful, and distasteful those that practice such things are, I saw a group of Christians genuinely concerned with all of those caught up in sexual sins.  I heard concerns over single mothers, young men who view sexual exploits as proofs of manhood and so on.  I didnít hear anyone make comments about how we are better but rather, how we can help. 
We spent last week alone discussing the ever changing roles of men and women in our society.  While we clearly identified the dangers of casting aside Godís divine roles, we again expressed concern, not self-righteousness.
Even as we discussed covetousness and questions were brought up about gambling I didnít see hotheadedness, I saw people seeking for the truth.  I saw people looking for answers from Godís word not manís opinions.
Brethren, I canít tell you how long I have longed to be a part of such discussions.  I have longed to be a part of a church that sees wickedness for what it is.  But, even more, I have longed to be a part of a church that is searching for ways to reach out, teach others, and show them the way.
Now that we have the right attitude we need to be certain we are applying ourselves as we go to work, school, family get-togethers, etc..  In Leroy Brownlowís Christians Everyday Problemís he spent an entire lesson on the problem of time.  Most of the lesson speaks of the different ways that we can waste time.  We can waste time by procrastinating.  We can waste time by too engaging in too much recreation. We can waste time by taking too long to do something.  But something, he wrote about how we work caught my eye this week.  We can waste time by how we apply ourselves to a task.  In Ecc. 9:10 Solomon wrote,
ďWhatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.Ē  The time to work is now, for once you pass on, the time for work is over.  But even more, the time to work harder and smarter is now.  Too much time is wasted by us putting forth half-hearted efforts into our work.  There are many churches out there struggling to grow because they canít take this step.  They see the problem.  They have the tools to address the issue.  Let us be certain that we are doing our best to reach out and teach others.  Let us be certain that we do our best to save those who are perishing, snatching them up out of the fire (Jude 22-23).  What a great visual image that Jude provides us with.  How many of us would see someone on fire and wait a few minutes before springing into action?  How many of us would say, ďNot my job?Ē  How many of us would say, ďHe wouldnít appreciate my concern?Ē  My friends, that is Judeís whole point.  If we see someone in dire need of physical help we would do something.  We know that they are many in dire need of spiritual help, now I ask you will you continue to move in the right direction and help them?


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Moving in the Right Direction

The Light
Volume 5 Issue 28