This last week one of our POWs was finally released.  I cannot imagine how he and has family must have felt.  The years that have transpired since his capture were undoubtedly difficult for both parties.  I for one am thankful to God that this young man is finally home.
However, as the reports came out about how this young manís journey came to a conclusion I was left concerned about the direction of our country.  It has been reported that the President superseded the authority of congress.  He did not have permission to make this trade without their approval (this is part of the checks and balances system our founding fathersí created).  The White House reported that they knowingly violated the law concerning the release of such prisoners.  And, as it stands at the time of writing no one seems to care.  The ends justify the means. 
As I said, I am thrilled, excited, and thankful that this man is home.  But, at what cost?  So we can show the youth of our nation it doesnít matter what law says?  This is a dangerous road our nation is traveling and one that will have an impact upon Godís church.
(Now, before you think this is meant to be a political satire it isnít.  Many of Godís prophets were sent to the kings of Israel and Judah rebuking them for their policies, their lawlessness and their lack of justice.  This article is meant to be a reflection on the lawlessness that seems to be applauded in this country right now and its dangers thereof.)
Sure, I can spend time talking about Isaiahís warnings about doing wickedness and calling it good (Isa. 5:20).  However, I think the root of this problem stems from a lack of respect for authority.  This is not a new problem in this country, but it certainly is a growing problem.
In the 60s this country was overloaded with those that rose up against authoritative figures.  We saw protests against segregation (which needed to end), but we also saw protests against the Vietnam war as the 60s came to a conclusion.  Many of the young people no longer respected police officers but viewed them as ďbuzz kills.Ē  Guess what happened to these young people?  They had children.  These children heard their parents stories and grew up to rebel against their parents and the vicious cycle continued into the mess that we have today.
There is no respect for parents.  A child first learns respect for authoritative figures by learning to respect his parents.  Parents, especially fathers, were give the task of raising children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4).  This means that parents were given the job to teach their children how to have a proper respect towards God, government and other authoritative figures.  When parents arenít doing this job, it is only natural that this infiltrates other aspects of our nation.  Too many young people today think that they rule their own lives.  Mom and Dad so pampered them that they gave the child whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.  They forget (or didnít care) to say no!  Other parents werenít ever around to say no.  They were too busy with their own lives to get involved.  Children were/are viewed as pets.  They are something drug out to entertain the parents every now and then, but for  the most part they are left to fend for themselves.  Either way, these children grow up believing that they are the chief authoritative figure in their lives.
When these children began school it is more of the same.  It is little wonder why so many teachers struggle to educate the children of America today.  The child is taught from his youth to not listen to adults.  So the teacher struggles to teach and spends more time babysitting than actual instruction.  To make matters worse they are surrounded by many others that feel the same way.
These children eventually will run into the judicial system.  They follow the pattern of their parents before them.  Cops are not seen as protectors or heroes anymore.  They are the enemy.  They are convinced that their lives would be more fun if they werenít around.  And if a police officer does happen to arrest them, the judge they appear before is seen as having no right to judge them.
These children, if they ever happen to believe in God will not believe that Godís word is binding.  It doesnít matter what you believe so long as you believe.  This is why we have a growing trend of religious tolerance and coexisting.  True faith is turned into a mockery of what it once was.  The church becomes whatever is socially necessary.  Be it a cowboy church, a rock n roll center or video game headquarters. 
If we as a nation continue to ignore the foundational principles of lifeÖ that is authority, how can we continue to think that God is going to turn a blind eye to the mess we are creating?


Grinnell church of Christ
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No Respect for Authority

The Light
Volume 5 Issue 26