Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner.  I know several children that are really looking forward to the end of another school year so that they might enjoy all that the summer months bring.  To be honest I too am getting excited about summer.  After the long winter we just had, summer sounds like a breath of fresh air.  But, let us not forget that summer vacation does not mean we take a vacation from the moral guidelines that God has given us.  It seems that with warmer weather, modesty seems to go out the window.  I get it.  Lots of layers only make you feel hotter.  I am a big guy, it doesnít take much to make me warm.  Ask my trainers and they can tell you I sweat just fine when its cold outside.  But, they doesnít mean that I should toss Godís word out just because I feel a little uncomfortable. 
I want you to consider a survey that was conducted a few years ago by members of the Lordís church.  They interviewed Christian men, not just elders and preachers, but all types of men.  The younger, the elderly, the middle aged.  They wanted a good variety of persons giving them feedback on morality.  Their questions simply asked the men to identify what types of clothing women can wear that encourage them to think immodest thoughts.  Below is the list of all articles of clothing a majority of Christian men struggle with and what specifically about those articles of clothing made think that.

1. Skirts - 85%of men - Tightness, shortness
2. Jeans - 85% of men - tightness, low cut waists
3. Shorts - 89% of men - shortness
4. Shirts - 77% of men - tightness
5. Blouses - 75% of men - low cut
6. Tank tops - 84% of men - tightness, low cut, mid rift exposure.
7. Tube tops - 86% of men - exposure and tightness
8. Spaghetti straps - 78% of men - low cut
9. Dresses - 76% of men - low cut, short, and tightness

Now ladies, I realize that you could look at this list and immediately think, that doesnít leave much in your wardrobe.  They mentioned blouses, shorts, jeans, skirts, and dresses.  But, I want you to take special note of the descriptive terms.  In these 9 articles of clothing that topped the list the word tightness appeared in 6 of them.  Clothing that is too tight is too revealing for men.  The phrase low cut appears in 5 of them.  Shirts, dresses, etc that are too low cut, exposing the upper body are seen as too revealing for most men.  Shortness appears in three of themÖ dresses, skirts, and shorts.  If they donít cover up enough of the leg, many found it more difficult to not think immodest thoughts.
Now, before we all misunderstand each other.  Men you should not be blaming women if you are lusting in your hearts.  You are not animals.  Exercise some self control.  Woman, on the other hand, you do need to realize, whether you like it or not, how you dress does indeed have an affect upon us men.
What this tells us is that how you ladies dress makes a difference.  It also tells us what kind of attention that you are attracting.  In recent weeks the President of these United States have been making a push for woman to be considered equals in the work place.  Woman for generations now have desired to be treated fairly.  It seems that every workplace makes new employees take a sexual harassment class just to start the new job.  I have watched many of these videos through the years and one thing I noticed is its constant warning to men about looking, gawking, staring, approaching, etc of women in the workplace.  And while some places of work do have dress codes, they usually will rule out things like tube tops, spaghetti straps and tank tops.  It doesnít prevent the young lady from wearing a tight, form fitting dress.  It doesnít prevent her from wearing skirts that are way too short.  It doesnít keep her from wearing a blouse that leaves little to the imagination.  I guess what I am trying to say here is that if men walked in hoping to use their bodies to get noticed at work we would think something was wrong with them.  If men went to work wearing clothing that was clearly too tight no one would take them seriously.  Ladies, if you want people to stop looking at you like you are a woman of the night, donít dress like one.  Solomon clearly stated that there is an attire of the harlot (Prov. 7:10).  Attire meant to make you look more desirable is that kind of attire.   Clothing that is too tight, too revealing, too short, too low cut, too sheer, and leaves little to the imagination is clothing that should not be worn.  -WTK

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