Today is motherís day.  Motherís across the country were woken up today to the sounds of love. Their children have showered them with homemade cards, trinkets, and for some even breakfast in bed.  My motherís mother was a florist by trade and every year for motherís day she brought something special for each mother in the church.  Usually it was a carnation, but if it was a good year she might even have given a single rose to each mom in the church.  I grew up believing that motherís day was a very special day indeed.  I know that I have not preached a lot of Motherís Day sermons through the years.  It is not because I donít appreciate all that motherís do.  In fact, I appreciate very much my own mother, the work my wife of 12 years does and every mother that is here today.  Without the sacrifice of many goodly, godly moms this world would be a very unhappy place.  The reason I donít do a whole lot of Motherís Day sermons is because I believe that bad moms shouldnít be rewarded for mediocrity (and yes there are bad mothers) but, more importantly, good mothers should be honored every day of the week, not just once a year, especially those moms that can be seen in the worthy woman of Proverbs 31.

The worthy woman (or excellent wife depending upon the translation) appears to be hard to find.  The whole proverbs begins with ďwho can find.Ē  She is considered more valuable than precious gems and stone.  Stones are gems are valuable not just because of the beauty, but more importantly for their rarity.  If gold could be found under every rock it would loose its value.    That said, there are not many praiseworthy mothers out there.  I know that sounds harsh but if goodly, godly mothers were around every corner then they wouldnít be as compared to a rare and precious stone would they?  The truth is, if we look at the average American mother and compared her to the woman revealed in Prov. 31 we wouldnít find very many similarities would we.  For the purpose of this article let us examine some of the finer points of this worthy woman.
1.  She is not overly concerned with her physical appearance.  Of all the things that the text says she does, not once does it mention that she gets up early to doll herself up for her husband, kids, boss, etc.  It never once says that she spent time at the saloon so she can look good for her man.  No, the only reference to beauty in this passage is statement that makes the pursuit of outward beauty meaningless.  ď
Charm is deceitful, beauty is vain.  But a woman that fears the Lord she shall be praised (Prov. 31:30).Ē  This does not The pursuit of beauty in this country has become some an every day occurrence that we actually have jokes about it.  Men will snicker amongst themselves when someone says, ďMy wife asked me how this dress made her look.Ē  Men groan when the hear the story of a co-worker whose wife made them late because she couldnít find anything to wear.  Now, I am not saying that woman should look homely and that beauty should avoided at all costs.  What I am saying is that what makes a praiseworthy mother has nothing to do with how pretty she looks.
2. She is a hard worker.  Most of the qualities that made this woman praiseworthy was that she was a hard worker.  In fact, there are only a handful of characteristics mentioned here that donít have to do with her industriousness.  She rose early, gathered, gave, planted, made, stretched, and works late into the night.  (This is not meant to be a reflection of stay at home moms or moms that work outside of the home).  This has to do with the fact whatever the mom was doing she wasnít gossiping with the ladies all day long.  She wasnít sleeping in until after the kids were gone.  She wasnít laying around watching TV all day long.  What she did benefited the family.  If you are a stay at home mom, be certain that you are not up to date with all the day time soaps and the latest gossip in town.  If you are working outside the home, donít forget that the worthy woman (the excellent wife) did more than just have earnings (Prov. 31:16) she took care of the needs of her family too (Prov. 31:15)!
3.  She didnít do anything to shame her husband or family.  In fact, it says just the opposite.  Her husband is well known, not for what he has done, but for what she has done (Prov. 31:23).  Of course, he is not known for having the prettiest wife in town  he is known for all that she does for her family.  Too many wives today bring a reputation to their husbands the wrong reasons.  Perhaps he has the prettiest wife.  Perhaps he has the wife that hates all his friends.  Perhaps he has the wife that knows all the town gossip.  Perhaps he has the flirtiest wife.
Mothers, if you hope to be an excellent wife, to hear your husband and your children praise you, listen to what God says makes you an a worthy woman and not what society says makes you valuable.

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A Worthy Woman

The Light
Volume 5 Issue 22