In Rom. 1:16 Paul wrote that the gospel is Godís power unto salvation.  In I Cor. 1:21 Paul wrote that it pleased God to use the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.  This week you will be presented with eight opportunities to here the preaching of the gospel message.  This means that you will be given eight opportunities to receive salivation according to the passages we just looked at. 
Sadly, many will miss out on this opportunity.  Sure, we could point out the thousands in this town that wonít be here this week.  Sure, we could point out the people we invited that told us that they werenít interested in coming.  Sure, we could point out the people we invited that told us that they would be here and they donít end up coming.  It sure is easy to point the finger at those who arenít here and say, ďSee, that missed out on some good lessons.Ē
However, many who are here are also going to miss out on this opportunity for salvation.  It is those of us  who are here that I want to examine in todayís bulletin.
In II Cor. 6:2 Paul pointed out that today is the day of salvation.  He did not at all say this to non-believers.  He did not say this to alien sinners.  He said this to Christians.  He said this to those who already believe that they are saved.  Today is the day of salvation.  Today is your day of salvation.  It is very likely that if you are here among us today you already believe that Jesus is the son of God.  It is very likely that if you are here today that you already believe that salvation is yours.  The truth is, most in the world you believe in Christ believe they are saved.  So, why would Paul tell Christians then (and therefore to us today) that today is the day of my salvation?  After all, I was saved ďxĒ amount of years ago.  He canít really mean that I am not saved can he?  Yes, he can.  We need to start living a life that understands that today is the day of my salvation.  Every day is the day of my salvation.  We need to realize that as we gather together each day this week.  Today, right now, is my opportunity for salvation.  So what does this mean for me during this gospel meeting?
Donít sleep on the sermon.  I understand that gospel meetings can be long.  I am a father of 4.  I am also a preacher, and despite what some may think, gospel meeting weeks are not a vacation week for the local preacher.  By Friday night I too am exhausted.  But, this does not give me permission to dose off.  This does not excuse me for sleeping when I have the opportunity to hear the words by which I might be saved (Acts 11:14).  The sermons presented this week are soul saving sermons.  Donít fall asleep.
Donít think the sermon is not for you.  As a preacher it is very discouraging to start preaching a sermon on the foundations of our faith only to find members of the audience immediately close their hearts to the message because they believe that this sermon would do them no good.  I once heard someone say this after the preacher had been working for that church for 18 months.  The member just felt that none of the sermons were for him.  He couldnít be more wrong.  Every sermon was for him.  Every sermon is for each of us.  It is preached to provide encouragement.  It is preached to provide instruction.  It is preached to provide salvation.  Furthermore, what message are you sending to the one that needs to hear this sermon?  If you tune out and they see you playing Angry Birds on your phone what do you think they are going to do?
Donít think that the preacher must be wrong because thatís not what you have been taught.  The sad reality is that there what we have been taught may not be the truth.  In I Kings 13 we read of a story of a young prophet who was sent to Jeroboam to speak against him for building idols in Bethel and Dan.  This ďman of GodĒ as the text identifies him was warned not to eat or drink anything and he was to go back home another way.  All seemed well as he spoke to Jeroboam.  He refused every offer Jeroboam had given him.  On his way home an old prophet lied to him and told him an angel had told the old prophet to tell the ďman of GodĒ to dine with the old man.  Because the ďman of GodĒ did not listen to Godís instruction he died on his way home.  This man of God didnít go back to what God had said, instead he trusted the advice of someone who seemed to have his best interests at heart.  While I realize that not all false teachers intentionally lie, there are many who are misinformed.  Rather than refusing to listen to the sermon because he says something you arenít used to hearing, check what the scriptures say on the matter.   If the preacher is wrong, you would do him a service to tell him.  If you had been taught wrong, you now know what you need to do. -WTK

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The Gospel- God's Power Unto Salvation

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Volume 5 Issue 17