If you havenít figured it out yet, I like football.  It is really the only sport I follow.  Unlike many fans in this country that turn to college basketball in March and to baseball in the spring, I continue to follow football.  To me football has 4 seasons, preseason, regular season, postseason, and off-season.  The off-season is an exciting time for me.  I am constantly checking the scouting boards and looking at who my favorite team might pick up out of the draft as well as free agency.  This year, a new wrench has been thrown into the mix.  For the first time there is legitimately a chance that a openly gay football player will play in the NFL.  A player who is expected to be drafted in the second round of the NFL draft publicly announced that he was gay.  Immediately the message boards on numerous social media outlets exploded with thoughts on the matter.  Meanwhile, there was talk about the Chicago Bears possibly looking into Jonathan Martin.  (Stay with me here).  Martin left the Dolphins organization during the season over reports of bullying.  One of his fellow teammates were extremely abusive and threatening towards him and his family.  Martin, rather than slugging the guy, walked away.  As fans began discussing this situation, I was amazed at what was said about Martin and this former college football player who announced that he was gay.
The one ďcoming out of the closetĒ was viewed as a hero.  He would be a trailblazer for others just like him.  I saw some comparisons made between him and Martin Luther King Jr.  Immediately there was talk about how he might be bullied in the locker room.  (I have no doubt that is going to happen).  The general consensus was that bullies were bad, homophobic, etc.  But, in another blog, going on at the same time, discussing bullying, Martin was viewed as a cry baby and how bullying is something he needs to man up and deal with.  Insult a manís family is okay.  Threaten to kill a man that is okay.  Say something about his sexual preference and all of a sudden you have crossed the line?
What has happened to our country?  Since when was it okay to blast a man for saying it is better to walk away then punch a guy in the face?  How have we in twenty years gone from a nation that considered homosexuality to be sinful to a nation that thinks it is evil to call homosexuality sinful?  If we want to know what really happened it was not the government.  We canít really blame Hollywood.  We canít blame athletes, media, or even the music industry.  No my friends, the finger of blame sets squarely upon Christians.  We have failed.
But, donít
most evangelical Christians stand against homosexuality?  Donít we when we speak of sexual sins list it with pornography, adultery, and fornication?  How have we failed?  Because the message stays in the church.  It is wonderful to know that the truth is preached when we gather together.  It is encouraging to know that my children are being taught the truth in their bible classes.  However, if it never leaves the church what good is it?  What good does it do the world?  The answer is none.
Brethren, Christians by and large have failed because we have permitted ourselves to get distracted.  We have become obsessed with entertainment.  We have become consumed with fitting in.  We have dared to chase the American dream.  And what has happened as a result?  We look and talk and think just like the world.  When meeting with our non-Christian friends we try not to offend (you know, be politically correct) and we talk about the weather, the local sports team, our new car, the new store that opened up in town, and our favorite store that just closed.
We certainly wouldnít dare talk about the scripturally of homosexuality.  That is just politically incorrect, offensive, and downright mean.
If you want to stop the downward spiral of the American conscience it is up to you to change it.  You wonít change it by changing our politicians.  You wonít change it by joining up with a new political group.  You wonít change it by protesting at the capitol building.  You can however change it by 1st changing yourself.  Donít be ashamed to talk to others about your faith.  Share how God is involved with your life.  Make most of the opportunities to talk about the dangers and dysfunction of sin.  Talk to your friends.  Talk to your family members.  Talk to your co-workers.  No, I am not saying that you need to preach a sermon every time you talk to them.  But, every time they see you, talk to you they do need to see a sermon lived.  Only then can we begin to change the culture of our country.
Grinnell church of Christ
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And Our National Conscience Continues to be Distorted

The Light
Volume 5 Issue 11