When I was a child one of the shows we seemed to watch regularly were the yearly award shows.  My family loved to sit down and watch the Grammys, the Emmys and the Oscars.  While I have never been one to be mesmerized by what or who each person was wearing upon the red carpet I couldn’t help but notice some very elegant dresses through the years.  While they were dressed up in gold, pearls and costly garments (I Tim. 2:9), it seemed as if most of the stars were at the very least covered. 
As I grew older more and more “daring” dresses were seen on the red carpet.  Then, Jenifer Lopez wore the dress that seemed to change everything.  Some were appalled that someone would wear something so blatantly provocative.  Others thought is was beautiful and sexy.  This past weekend I am convince the entertainment industry has hit a new low.  Monday morning as I was checking the news, I picture of a certain singer came across the computer screen.  The caption read that she was dressed in a classy way.  I repeat classy.  Classy is defined by Webster’s as having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior.  The dress my wife (and many Christian women) walked down the aisle on the day they were married can be defined as classy.  It was modest.  It was elegant.  It was not revealing in any way.  The dress this musician was wearing was sheer.  It left little to the imagination.  And it left me blushing.  Had it not been for a few well placed pieces of fabric (and I use that loosely) I would argue that she left nothing to the imagination and was better suited for the pages of magazine like Playboy.  But, who am I to argue with fashion experts.  For this was again defined as classy.  Classy compared to what?  Pornography?
As I quickly closed the page, I went to the Grinnell for sale group on Facebook.  From what I can tell on this group, Prom must be right around the corner.  It seemed like every 4th sale Monday morning was a prom dress.  Again, I was stunned.  How can a mother and father permit their teenage daughters to walk out of the house wearing some of the clothing (again I use that term loosely) that these manufacturers are passing off as dresses.  With Backs fully exposed, slits that run all the way up the thigh, midriffs exposed, and not to mention what else is barely covered.  These dresses are fashioned to mimic what is seen on the red carpet at Hollywood’s biggest events.  Is this who we really want our daughter’s trying to be like?  Miley Cyrus, Beyonce Knowles, Jenifer Lopez and others who fail to show shamefacedness?  What is so wrong with giving our young ladies real heroines to look up to?  Women like Sarah, Ruth and Esther?  These women were considered beautiful sure, but what made them remarkable was their character, their faith.
Likewise, we need to be careful about what we are letting our boys watch as well.  While I do not believe that watching a cartoon were a rabbit hits a hunter on the head with a frying pan will lead to further violence, I do believe that the sexuality portrayed in music, movies, etc lead to an unhealthy portrayal of the opposite sex.  In fact, it can be so unhealthy it is downright scary.  Did you know that in a recent study on rapists in this country that all of them had regularly looked at pornography?  While not all that look at pornography will become rapists, all rapists had their start there.  It is a proven fact that the images created by lustful images reprograms the mind.  It actually changes that way our brains work.  And If the entertainment industry is going to define a more than half naked woman as dressing “classy” I would argue that we need to take great care what our young boys (and ourselves as well) are seeing upon the television.
Sadly there is a false assumption concerning the scriptures about manhood.  Male chauvinism is not supported in the scriptures.  Men should not be guttural grunters that demand that their woman be at their beckon call.  We are not animals.  Peter wrote that we are to live with our wives in an understanding way (I Pet. 3:7).  And part of that “understanding way” is to treat her with respect.  One cannot treat a woman with respect if you are viewing her through the lens portrayed by Hollywood.  Perhaps the most disturbing trend created by woman like Miley Cyrus is that they demand that we take them seriously, to treat them like human beings all while flaunting their nudity for everyone to see (and from what I heard, Ms. Cyrus did just that on a music video this year).

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