Over the past couple of weeks there have been several news items that have come to my attention that just cannot be ignored.  A few weeks ago now, Richard Dawkins has again made some pretty bold statements that shed light on what direction our world is headed if it continues to ignore the bible.
Who is Richard Dawkins?  Most of us are likely unfamiliar with the man or his writings.  He is not exactly a “top seller” among Christians.  Dawkins wrote the best seller called “The God Delusion.”  While he is not exactly a scientist he certainly spends a lot of time talking about the “scientific proofs” of evolution.  Dawkins has a degree in Philosophy.  He spends his days blasting the ignorance of Christians while admitting in an interview seen on Ben Stein’s Expelled that he believes it is more plausible for aliens to have started life on earth than for God to exist.  As  a philosopher he believes that a belief in God is the reason for all the world’s problems.  He is convinced wars would not happen if there were no religions.  He believes that guilt would disappear if there were no religions.  He believes that the greatest atrocities in this world’s history were performed by religious fanatics (Never mind the fact that he is historically wrong as the Holocaust was performed by scientific fanatics who believed their race was the more evolved race).
What did he say that was so egregious?  He was quoted as saying that “a little touching” by a grown man upon a child is okay.  He had no issues with pedophilia and believed that “Christians” and American media were blowing many of these stories out of proportion.  He claimed that he was “touched” as a child and that he was fine.  He insinuated that child molestation does not make a person socially maladjusted.  (I do not believe that a person who has been “touched” will end up socially maladjusted, but there is scientific evidence in the fields of sociology and psychology that show that those touched tend to have greater difficulties than those protected.  It should be noted that he believed that raping a child was still wrong).
How did others react?  I do not know what was more disturbing reading what this man believed or reading the comments on social media.  It is baffling to me how people can claim that all Christians are wicked because a church which is hardly in support of true Christianity covered up the sins of their priests for years and completely disregard this atheists statement as a reflection on all atheists.  While a person can be an atheist and not commit crimes against humanity, it does not mean that atheism does not have an affect on the moral code of society.
Consider Romans 1.  Romans was written to show how the Jews and the Gentiles alike were lost and needed the saving grace of God.  To show the Gentiles were indeed held accountable for their actions Paul explained that they should have known God.  But, because they chose to worship the creature rather than the creator God gave them up to their lustful passions.  They turned to homosexuality.  They engaged in all sorts of other wicked acts like murder, greed, covenant breakers, and without natural affection.  They, although knowing that they were wrong would give hearty approval to anyone he engaged in such activities.
My friends, if you take God out of the picture there is no standard for morality.  Why is murder wrong?  Why is rape wrong?  Why is incest wrong?  Why is stealing wrong?  Why is child molestation wrong?  Because our government says so?  What if the laws change?  What if our government no longer prosecutes those that engage in such activities?  Would that make it okay?  Earlier this summer a movie proposed that very idea.  The government would legalize everything for one 24 hour day.  Murder, rape, theft, etc were legal.  Did that make those crimes right?  Without God the answer would have to be yes.  Without God there is no reason to live by a moral standard. 
Whether Richard Dawkins wants to admit it or not, his beliefs on pedophilia are a direct result of his beliefs on God.  In fact, after listening to several of his interviews it is exactly what he wants.  He wants a world without God.  He wants a world without accountability.  And from the looks of things in this world, that is exactly what we have.
Our world is quickly filling up with those that are not interested in what God thinks.  At times is seems like these are waxing worse and worse.  But, don’t lose heart.  Noah also lived in a world that cared not for God.  What is more remarkable than the fact he built an ark is that he built a family.  Even with all the wickedness going on around he and his family, he still managed to make God fearing people out of them.  If he could do it then, we can do it now. -WTK

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A World Without God

The Light
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