Today is the Lordís day.  Today we have gathered together to remember what it is the Lord
has done for us.  We remember the sacrifice of Christ as we partake of the Lordís Supper.  We
sing songs of praise unto God glorifying him because of his love, mercy, power, etc.  Today we
praise him in our prayers as we pour out our hearts unto him.  Today we also encourage one
another in song hymns and spiritual songs.  Today we pray for one another.  Today we should be
sharing our concerns, our worries, our weaknesses of this past week so that we might receive
the encouragement we need to get through the next.  Today, we get to gather with Godís people,
in Godís house.  Today therefore should be the greatest day of your week.
Sadly, most of us donít normally feel this way.  We view it as the last day of our weekend
and grow frustrated that the week is about to begin (it seems like many times a case of the
Mondays sets in on Sundays).  We are irritable because we didnít get to sleep in.  We are
already worn out because we spent the morning trying to get the children fed, ready for worship
and out the door.  We are annoyed that our morning started with a fight with the spouse and now
we have to put on our public faÁade before anyone figures out how we really feel.  By the time
we spend two more hours listening to a long winded preacher, uninspired singing, cookie cutter
prayers we have heard a thousand times and our children (or someone elseís children) pushing
our buttons we are ready to either unload on someone or zoom out of here as quickly as
possible.  I know, because I see the same look upon my face when I look in a mirror.  It makes
what David says in Psa. 122 seem so far from the truth. ďI was glad when they said unto me, Let
us go into the house of the LORD (Psa. 122:1).Ē  How can I be glad to go the Lordís house
when I am so tired of being there?  How can I be glad to go the Lordís house when I am so tired
when I leave there?  How can I be glad to go to the Lordís house when no one else seems
happy to be there?
To fix these feelings of doom when we gather together we need to remember what it is we
are gather together in the Lordís house.  To help us do this, let us look at a few psalms that
express the reasons why the psalmist felt joy going to Godís house.
Psa. 122.  One of the reasons why David wanted to go to the house of the Lord is that
peace could be found there.  Or at least, that is where peace is to be found.  I realize that
sometimes a brother or sister in Christ do not promote peace the way that God demands, but
this is not about that.  We should find joy in the church because it is the body of the prince of
peace.  The care of the world should not be found here in the body of Christ.
Psa. 26.  In this psalm David mostly speaks of his desire to live uprightly.  Tucked into this
beautiful psalm on righteous living, David proclaims that he loves being in the house of the Lord. 
Why?  As he says in verse 7, because he can give God thanksgiving and proclaim the wonders
of his works.  Sundays are a time when we can gather with others of a like and precious faith to
praise God.  We are not gathered together to complain about politics, talk about our favorite
sports teams, hear the latest gossip, or backbite our bother or sister that does not live up to our
expectations of righteousness.  We are here to praise God in song.  And being that is the only
activity that the NT clearly teaches that we will be engaging in for eternity, it really is giving us just
a taste of heaven.  To hear all of Godís people singings, praising, and giving thanksgiving unto
God should be giving us joy.
Psa. 27.  In this psalm, David says that he one desire was to dwell in Godís house; what a
wonderful sentiment.  He goes on to say in the final verse of the chapter that it is in Godís house
he finds encouragement.  He explains in the psalm that he is in trouble, tired, and oppressed. 
But in Godís house he is protected from his enemies and thusly it gives him encouragement. 
We should be able to gather with the saints, not just to avoid the cares of the world, but to get
away from our oppressors.  Hearing lessons that remind us why we keep on keeping on, singing
songs about the joys of heaven should provide us with the strength to make it through the week.
I am sure that if we are honest with ourselves that we could think of countless other
reasons that gathering on the 1st day of the week should bring us joy.  You see, the rest of the
week we donít receive these blessings.  Especially here in Iowa where we are spread out in so
many directions.  So, make the most of the opportunity when you are here.  Make certain you
start your week off right and make today the greatest day of your week!~WTK

Grinnell church of Christ
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Today is the Greatest Day of Your Week!

The Light
Volume 4 Issue 27