According to Vine’s Expository the word often translated lasciviousness or licentiousness means, “an absence of restraint, indecency, wantonness.”  Christ informs us that it is a sin that comes forth from the heart of man and defiles him (Mark 7:22).  Paul told the Galatians that lasciviousness was a work of the flesh and that those who participate in such activities will not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal. 5:19). 
Lasciviousness is one of those sins that society, especially the media, has hardened their hearts toward.  Sadly, many Christians have followed in those footsteps.  Below is a list of areas in which lasciviousness has crept into our lives.

Lasciviousness in Entertainment

We usually think of the deterioration of American TV as a problem over the last twenty years.  However, the problem has only become more noticeable over the last twenty years.  Americans have been desensitized by television since it was first created.  Just as an illustration, we think nothing of watching Barney Fife wearing women’s clothing today, but is that not an ungodly practice condemned as effeminate in I Cor. 6?   In fact, Americans have been desensitized since the days of the traveling “freak shows.”  We as a nation have wanted to be shocked.  As TV entered every home entertainers continued this tradition.  Shocking shows such as All in the Family and the Jefferson’s televised racism and hatred.   Cable television was an advent for shocking TV as the decency laws were not as strict.  As Americans became harder to shock, the shows had to become more shocking.  Language, nudity, violence, etc., are used to shock us today.  Sadly these are seen not just on the pay channels but also on our network stations.  In fact, if reality TV is depicting the average American, as it claims, it is hard to see how we can call ourselves a Christian nation.  And yet, despite the lack of self control witnessed upon the television, Christians continue to sit like mindless drones watching programs like Two and Half Men where fornication, adultery, and drunkenness are seen as normal behaviors and the slew of Twilight Saga style shows that glamorous the lascivious lifestyles of vampires.

Lasciviousness in Education

I am not saying that this is a problem in every school system.  I am saying that we ought to be aware of what is taking place in some school systems.  Below is my testimony concerning Thomasboro Grade School and Rantoul Township High School.
When I was in the sixth grade we started taking a separate health class.  In this class we had a month dedicated to sex education.  (Or as I like to call it, Fornication Education).  We were taught how to fornicate, how to reduce risk of disease and pregnancy with contraceptives, and how to identify if you have a disease.  Morality was never discussed.  Abstinence was only brought up when I finally said something.  It really didn’t surprise me when 4 girls in a class of 18 ended up pregnant before the end of their first year in high school.  When I was a sophomore, I was again required to take a health class.  This time contraceptives were actually handed out.  And as before, abstinence was only discussed when I brought it up.  Upon mentioning this method I was ridiculed.  If this is something that your child can be exposed to in the public school systems, isn’t it time we as Christians stand up and say something?

Lasciviousness in Pornography

Is there a more telling lack of self control in our country than the use of pornography?  It is reported in some locations as much as 90% of all websites are pornographic in nature.  (And this does not take into account websites the model undergarments and swimsuits),  Not only do we have an issue with men and women exposing themselves to the world, we have an issue with men and women wanting to look.
Now, not only the internet, which was created for good purposes, being used for wickedness so is the cell phone.  With the increase of our cell phones capabilities, sexting is now become a real concern.  When people are taking nude photos of themselves and sending them via text message to someone else we should have no problem realizing that there is real lack of self control in our country.  Perhaps the most alarming part of this is the fact that high schoolers are now engaging in it. 

Lasciviousness in Fashion

I am constantly amazed and appalled by what is passed as common attire in America today.  Even in the children’s department I can find two piece bathing suits, halter tops and miniskirts.  No one, especially little girls need to be “sexed up.”  Brethren, we need to realize that this new normal is not acceptable in the sight of God.  If we cannot exercise some self control when we get dressed in the morning, we are setting ourselves up for failure the rest of the day.  Rather than justifying why we buy these clothes we need to realize that there are alternatives.  If you are having difficulty finding shorts that are long enough, then buy pants!  If you are having difficulty finding shirts that are not too tight, then buy a larger size!  We need to be spending more time looking for appropriate clothing and less time justifying why we dress without self control.
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Lasciviousness in the World Today

The Light
Volume 3 Issue 30    June 24, 2012